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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Noah

I love your personality so much. You just make us all laugh.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Yakob!

I started out Jake's birthday by managing to have his diploma run over by a Ford F-250. Cheap Target glass took most of the hit. Emmi started yelling "DAD DAD MOM RUINED YOUR BIRTHDAY!" when he got home. She meant to say Birthday Present. I took it to have it professionally framed...but I made a rookie mistake of taking my two children to a custom framing shop. The rest of the story is just a mess.

 I made it all up to him by purchasing him the 
actual frame he wanted from BYU (and a brand new diploma) and baking a magnificent cake and 
drum roll....WEARING SOMETHING OTHER THAN EXERCISE SHOES AND JEANS to dinner. Ah the little things in life :)

His little children ADORE him and they adoringly sang to him for his Birthday; off key and dinosaur screaming and all :). Love you buddy!

Potty Training Take Two

So back in August we tried to potty train Emmi. Epic Fail. She wasn't ready, I wasn't ready, my carpet wasn't ready! Emmi kept telling everyone that she wasn't old enough. So we decided "No kindergartener goes to school in diapers. It'll just happen"


Got home from Christmas break and Jake used his magic psychological powers to help her understand that she was grown up enough to be potty trained. The convo went something like this.

Dad: "Do you eat candy Emmi?"
Emmi: "Oh I LOVE CANDY do you have some?"
Dad: "Does Noah eat candy?"
Emmi: "NO WAY! He could choke. Hes just a little baby"
Dad: "Oh so you have to be a big kid to eat candy"
Emmi: "Uh yes!"
Dad:"Do you like watcing movies and eating popcorn!?"
Emmi: "YES!!! I want to watch CINDERELLA!'
Dad: "Does Noah watch movies and eat popcorn?"
Emmi: "No. he has to go to bed and he could choke on popcorn."
Dad: "Does Noah go poo poo and pee in the potty?"
Emmi: "NO HE WEARS DIAPERS cause he is a BAABY!"
 Dad: "You still wear diapers. I think you cant watch movies or have candy or eat popcorn anymore."


And in a matter of a week she was potty trained...EVEN AT NIGHT! She realized she was a big kid and if she wanted to keep doing all the things big kids do she had to ditch those diapers. We had a little bit of a stall when she was scared to poop on the potty...but with a little help from the diaper fairy...she got the hang of it.

See the diaper fairy comes and takes your diapers away when you poop on the potty all by yourself. She takes the diapers to little babies that need them and leaves you a FANTASTIC toy. Flavia is her name and she helps little boys and girl all over the world grow up. Shes best friends with the Binky Fairy, Doria. (This kid is all strategy and although it seems cruel to fill her head full of nonsensical fairytales and made of wishes...she gets it. and it works. Shes even asked that when Noah turns 3 she could help him poop in the potty and make sure the diaper fairy brings HIM a toy. I'm game. I'm so game)

Diaper Fairy Left This...(shes a high roller apparently)

Christmas Tree for Jesus

I forgot to post about this back in December (oh wait I haven't actually blogged for about a year), but in an effort to better document Noah and Emory's life here we go.

I found this idea in the December "Friend" and it turned out to be so fun! Emmi and I made a paper Christmas tree and cut out 15 Christmas ornaments to place on the tree each day that we were in Delaware before Christmas (we ended up in Utah for the last 10 days and Christmas day). Everyday Emmi and I sat down together and talked about the true meaning of Christmas and the things that we knew about Jesus. She had some of the sweetest things to write about Jesus. Here  are a few...

"Mary is his mommy and she wears a hood"
"He died for me and for you and for Noah and even for Dad!"
'He was a baby in a manger and there were animals there when he came out of Mary's tummy"
"Heavenly Father loves Jesus. He is the Son of God"

What a fun tradition and Emmi STILL asks what happened to our tree for Jesus....maybe this should be a year round tradition. 

FYI: Emmi was allowed to play with my makeup the evening I took these pictures... hence the snookie-esque face. Perfect pictures are boring right?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

With Love from Utah

In no particular order (because I don't understand blogger anymore:) )

Our Christmas Vacation was great. The kids and I headed out to Utah for some R&R and then 9 days later Jake joined us for Christmas. After a 16 hour travel day to get back to DE we decided we need to invent teleporting. Some day. Some day. 

Christmas Day Best
Emmi is plotting something...that little clever grin is always the give away.

I think she ended up just tickling him. Sigh of relief :)

Post Church. We loved listening to Michael Ballum speak in the Quailbluff Ward. Very neat. 

Christmas morning. Noah tell us how you really feel about Emmi's dress. 

Christmas Eve Jammers! Thanks Grandma Kathi
(please explain why both my kids shove their hands in their mouth whenever we try to take a picture!?)

A little nativity joy. Emmi decided who everyone would be...Grandpa was the donkey. Um yes. 

Santa was a big hit for Emmi...except his "brown beard". Noah not so much. 

Aunt Jessica and Uncle Jeremy were sealed in the Logan temple. So exciting! ONLY MY DAUGHTER would presume to wear a crown to someone else's special day. I tell you. So we had two princesses that day.

Adorning all our FABULOUS gifts from Jake's little brother Isaac who is in Russia on a mission. 

No moment is complete without a Noah sandwich. This kid is so kissable.

Noah was not the culprit for Emmi's crying...or was he?

Happy Christmas to all! We are looking forward to a great year.