Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I'm sorry to all those that have been reading our blog and are wondering why there have not been any updates since November. Life kind of ran away with us and we lost all track of time. I have titled this blog past, present, future because I need to update all in these areas.

Past- In the last two months a lot has changed. We finished our finals December 21 (both doing fantastic!) and headed up to Logan for VACATION. Jake's parents put on a wonderful week and a half full of laughter, love, and all around fun. Jake's brothers are quite the dare devils and we had a couple days of extreme sledding that will deserve a post by themselves. I believe we have some actual footage of these death defying sledding trips. Kathi, Jake's mom, kept us all WELL FED with some of the most delicious food I have ever tasted. Jake and I really enjoyed our trip to see the family and we cannot wait to do it all again at Thanksgiving! After New Years I started a new job at Kids on the Move in Orem. I was offered a full time position as an child development specialist and I am loving every moment of it. I have a small case load right now because I am still training, but within the next few months I expect my current case load to triple (about 45 kids!) I am grateful that this will be coming in the future as Jake and I are both in our last semester at BYU and we have LOTS to do. Jake spent the month of January applying for Law School and we are starting to get excited. This takes us to the present.

Presently, Jake and I are in school and suffering from a BAD case of senioritis. Who knew that you could ever get sick of college (hahaha that was totally sarcastic). Jake is awaiting law school acceptance letters everyday. Watching the mailbox has been really exciting, worry some, scary, fun, ETC.!! We have spending a few nights a week at the Orem Rec Center together. My work gives out insanely cheap passes to its employees so Jake and I have rekindled how we fell in love by working out. We used to this every night when we were dating and it has really been fun as a married couple (only took us two years to start exercising together again!). I was released from my calling as MiaMaid advisor at church and now I am awaiting a new call. Jake is still working with the teachers (14-16 year olds) and hes still loving it; Jake's just a big kid at heart anyways. So that's the present, working the days away, seeing each other when we can, and trying to get out of our undergrad still wanting to attend grad school!

The future is kind of an UNKNOWN right now. Jake applied to about 15 law schools and we are patiently waiting to hear back. Georgetown and Duke are at the top of Jake's list and I'm pretty sure if we get a yes from either of these schools we will be going. Jake also applied to Vanderbilt (TN), Emory (GA), Boston College, Boston University, George Washington, and William and Mary (Va?). All of these schools are pretty equally ranked and so any one of these schools would be great. BYU and the U of U and a few AZ schools are our fall back schools. I really wanted Jake to go to BYU so I could keep my job and we could stay close to family, but after much prayer and HUMBLING myself, I am able to say I will be happy to go to the best school Jake can get into. He has prepared himself well for Law School and I know that he will do marvelous with any opportunity he is given. Sooo, this summer I will work and take one last MATH class at BYU, Jake will hopefully have another great internship, and then come August we will be off to a new life, in a new land, with new jobs and new friends. SCARY SCARY SCARY!

Again, I will not be this slow in updating this blog. I think the shorter posts are probably easier to I apologize for this one. Just a quick "I love you" to all our family and friends. Thanks for being who you are and loving us the way you do! Happy January to all :)