Thursday, February 28, 2008

Law School

Quick Law School Update:

Schools we've heard back from:

BYU (Utah)
Emory (Georgia)
Ohio State (Ohio)
William and Mary (Virginia)
George Washington (Washington D.C.)

Answer from these schools in order:


10 more to hear from!.....the suspense is killing us!

Monday, February 11, 2008


Jake and I were just thinking.....MONDAYS COME TOO FAST! We were bored this afternoon and so we spent some time taking pictures of how we feel about MONDAYS, Graduating from College, Work, Sleeping, Stinky Cats at our Apartment, and many more feelings. Can you identify which one is which?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bon Appetit!

This is another Jake post...sorry hes my one and only; who else am I supposed to talk about?

Jake has been such a GREAT husband lately taking over the cooking. Since I went to work he decided that was something he wanted to do for me. Anyways, I came home two nights ago and found him dressed in my apron hard at work cooking up a DELICIOUS Chinese Chicken Salad. At that moment I knew why I loved Jake so much and why I had married him. Everyone has those days where you think, what was I thinking, this person drives me crazy...but lately the only types of days I have been having "WOAH, I so do not deserve this guy!". This was one of those days. Jake prepared dinner for everyone and then made my lunch for the next day so I wouldn't have to eat granola bars all day. What a CHAMP! Here are some pictures of the wonderful dinner, and the wonderful husband!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Jakers!

TAGGED! Here's a little information about my hubby. Any of my friends that want to do it!

What is his name?

Jacob Raymond Kirkham

How long have you been married?

1 year and 10 months

Who long did you date?

6 months

How old is he?


Who eats more sweets?

I eat more ice cream but he eats WAY more candy!

Who said I love you first?

Jake did. I said "thank you" but Jake was persistent and didn't give up on me :).

Who is taller?

Jakers.....4-5 inches taller

Who can sing better?

This is not meant to be braggy.....I do. Jake is an AMAZING guitar player thought :)

Who is smarter?

JAKE BY FAR! He is so analytical and all that jazz.

Who does the laundry?

We both do the laundry, its who makes sure the laundry gets into the DRYER before it gets moldy!

Who pays the bills?

ME ME ME. Jake organizes the finances at the beginning of each year and I pay the bills each month.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?

Jake does, but I like to steal it from him in the middle of the night.

Who mows the lawn?

I think if we had a lawn to mow, Jake would want to do it. He likes taking ownership in stuff that he owns.

Who cooks dinner?

I used to cook and then I got a full time job so Jake took over for a bit. HES AMAZING. We are chubbier now that he started cooking.

Who drives?

When we are together he drives and I dig my nails into the seat so I don't backseat drive.

Who is more stubborn?

We both are pretty stubborn, he would probably say I am more stubborn though.

Who kissed who first?

Jake asked twice before I said yes. The second time he didn't mean to ask he just talked out loud and said "man I want to kiss you". I said "well what are you waiting for!" He was shocked because he didn't know he said it out loud.

Who asked who out first?

I asked him to go swim laps with me...I think that counts as the first date.

Who proposed?

HE DID! He hid the ring in a brand new snowboard jacket and made me believe I was just getting a cool Christmas gift. I put the jacket on and Jake said "before you take it off see if you like the pockets. They are this new snowboard fit" LIAR, there was a little box in the pocket. When I felt it I looked and Jake was on his knees. I started shaking my head no because I wasn't ready!!! hahaha. He made some amazing promises and then we both cried and I said "YESEREE!"

Who has more siblings?


Who wears the pants?

I do, but Jake thinks he does.


Sunday, February 3, 2008


JUMP ON IT! By far the best date Jake and I have been on in years! Lindon, UT CHECK IT OUT!

(Law School Update: Accepted 1 (Emory) Not Accepted 0


Superbowl Sunday was awesome! Jake and I came home from church and quickly set the game on record so we could make dinner. Tacos and Chips galore...a true mans meal but I liked it too. Jake was rooting for the Patriots and I was rooting for the Giants (the underdogs). We got out some wannabe fan shirts to show our dedication to our teams.

The first half we watched at our house and then we went over to our neighbors house for the second half. They have the cutest little kiddo and when Eli Manning made that amazing pass to Plaxico Burress in the remaining minutes Jake and I were both screaming and we scared Cannon (their little guy) nearly half to death. We sure love coming to hang out with you Brian and Lauren and we are so sorry we scared your little guy! (Jake was screaming out of sorrow and me out of PURE JOY! ) Jake and I sat down to watch the rest of the game and Cannon wouldn't let us go near him for like 10 min. It was pretty funny. Anywho...good game, good food, good friends, good day! Way to go Manning and all his fine players.