Saturday, May 24, 2008


I do not have access to a scanner, but when I do I will put the ultrasound pics etc. up! We also got a video that I will be posting later. Anyways...Jake and I are so excited to announce that we are having a little girl! I put up the bedding I want (I changed my mind to pink and brown) until we can get some ultrasound pics up!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ode to the Broadway Stars!

Us with the SUPERSTAR Corinne. We know someone famous!!
Us with the other SUPERSTAR! I wish we had a picture of them together!

My sister-in-law Corinne and her husband (my brother Allan) were cast as Tomy and Zeneeta in the Music Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just had to post something about this because I am so excited for them!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Baby Baby Baby

BOY OR GIRL? We are now taking votes, bets, whatever you want to call it.

Get your vote in ASAP!

These are the two bedding choices I cute huh!?!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Baby Furniture

I know it seems a little early to be buying furniture, but we came across some amazing deals we just couldn't pass up! We went to IKEA with the intention of buying a new twin bed frame and instead we walked away with a CUTE CUTE dresser that is going to double as a changing table for only $140. A day later I was searching through Craig's List and came across this adorable white crib for only....DRUM ROLL....$80. Jake and I were tickled when we found out that the mom had ordered new parts when her daughter turned a year old (to prepare for jumping and the wear and tear that the next year might bring), but after receiving the new parts, the mom changed her mind and put her daughter in a big bed; the new parts were never used. The rest of the crib is in mint condition and was well taken care of. We were so excited! Here are some pictures of our HAPPY HAPPY days!

Friday, May 9, 2008

April/ May 2008 Update

I CANNOT BELIEVE I made it in four years...I guess 4 years for 4 major changes :)
"YES.....4 years done...only 3 more and then I'm a liar, I mean lawyer!"
The loving siblings. We missed you T&H, C&A, and R&J!
So many frogs in Ga. Don't worry we didn't smash it!
We went to see Baby Mama. It was so-so, but the company was great!
Our last night in GA...I already can't wait to go back!
Prego mama and happy daddy!
This was so big it was hard to capture on camera!
Jake and his long hair....he started wearing my head bands!
EWWWW! Dead Jelly Fish!
Well its been a few weeks since I last posted. We have had a lot of fun things happen for our little family. The last time I posted it was the first day of finals and we had just started a 5 day "Settlers of Catan" marathon with our neighbors. Finals went really well for Jake and me. Amazingly enough we managed to get 4.0's our last semester of college. We felt this was a very special accomplishment considering our incredible lack of motivation and both of us working extra hours at our jobs (jake 25 and katie 40).

My parents and my brother Curtis came in town on April 23 and helped start the celebration for Graduation. What a blast those eight days were. We spent the time eating really good food, having water balloon catapulting competitions, nights of Settlers of Catan, talking, rock climbing (well the boys did) and just raking in the good times. With our little family moving to Georgia, we seem to be clinging to the good times with our families out here in Ut and Ca. My parents and Jake's parents took us all out for lunch after graduation and the celebrations really started to sink in....WE DID IT! As my brother Allan says "After all those sweat and tears (and Dr. Pepper and Coke) all you get is a stupid piece of paper." May I add to this comment and say that with this stupid piece of paper we also were given painfully long graduation ceremonies where three seconds of glory were supposed to sum up four years of really hard work and dedication. All went really well and we are so excited that I finished before our little one came to our family.

After all of this, Jake's parents and my parents set up a trip to Georgia for us to see where we are going to live and give us a chance to vacation Georgia style. We stayed in a beautiful hotel and soaked in the BLUE Georgia Sky and GREEN Georgia landscape. I was really reluctant about moving to Georgia, but after this trip I really felt like Georgia was meant to be my home for the next several years. As I gauked and drooled and EVERY baby I saw I noticed all their little southern accents. I can't wait to hear my little one say things like "well thank you ma'am" or "my deddy goes to school in Georia" (INSERT HERE: sweet southern accent)

While we were on our trip, we celebrated our 2 year anniversary a little late. Jake took me to a nice sea food restaurant, but he forgot that I can't partake of sea food while pregnant. So we had steak.... :) It was so nice to reminise over the last two years and see how far our marriage has come. We have gone from arguing over not putting the lid on the peanut butter jar to just being glad to see each other at the end of a really long school/work day. Funny how your perspective changes over the years. We expect that our perspective is going to change EVEN MORE as we welcome a child into our family and Jake starts Law School. I am girding up my loins for the day our little baby says "dada" and not "mama". It brings tears to my eyes to think of Jake loving and raising our little one....he is soo good with kids. For example, a few Christmas Vacations ago, my family was having a family conference trying to divy out chores and come up with activity ideas. After a time of debating, I noticed that Jake was no longer in the room. I snuck out to look for him and found him happily playing "Dora the Explorer Play-Doh" with my three nieces. My heart melted and I softly asked him how come he was out here with the kids. He replied "I ain't stupid, kids is where its at. If I go back in there I will have to do chores etc." I laughed and stored this memory away so that when Saturday morning comes at our house and my husband is chomping down Cocoa-Roos with our sons and watching "Spider- Man" cartoons instead of helping with laundry or cleaning the dishes I will remember that this is what hes been waiting for his whole life. We think fathers are dumb, but they are not so dumb :).

Anyways....we are doing well out here in Orem, UT. Jake is working as a financial analyst in Salt Lake City for the summer and I am still at Kids on the Move as a Early Intervention Specialist. We will find out if our baby is a boy or girl in a few more weeks....there will definitely be a post about that!

Thanks to everyone who sent money, gifts, love and support as we graduated and moved onto the next phase of our lives. WE LOVE YOU ALL!