Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Random Thoughts

Random picture for a post about random things!

This week has been going well. Jake and I have gotten into a good morning routine for getting him off to school and he seems to be doing well. The schedule is as follows:

8:00 The alarm goes off and Jake gets up and gets ready.
8:15 I get up, make his lunch, and pack his bag
8:30 We are in the car and on the way to school

Pretty simple right? We've found that Jake needs sleep to really do well in school. So he goes to school everyday at 8:30am and comes home every night at 8:30 pm. We have dinner and he is in bed by at most 10:30 pm. A lot of the upper-classmen at school expressed that a 10-12 hour day that starts early and ends relatively early is the way to do law school. Not very much good studying happens after 10:00pm anyways.

After I get Jake to school I come home and do the dishes from the night before, put in a load of laundry, check my email and do all the necessaries for a few hours. After the necessaries I find a little me time goes a long way towards being a happy wife. Today I chose to watch a movie in bed with a humongous bowl of grapes. MMMMMM so delicious. As many of you know I am a very indecisive person, a curse and a blessing all in one, and choosing a movie all by myself is sometimes more effort than I can muster. But, today I conquered my fear of being bored with the movie 20 minutes into it and chose to watch "Runaway Bride".

Admittedly, I was bored at first but then about 5 min into the movie I realized that I adore this movie. The witt, the humor, the irony...oh its a good one! About half way into the movie I found myself wiping my nose with my t-shirt and trying to catch my tears in our pillows. Now most of this I am sure is due to my current state of pregnancy, but I am also sure that this movie is the butter to my bread. The way that Maggie finds herself in this movie really tugged at my heart strings. Im a stay at home wife, soon to be mom, and I think I have now been deemed executive secretary to my husband in law school, maid, cook, chauffeur, advice giver, spider killer, director of finances, and many others I cannot think of. But in all of this, I am still me. I am still silly, rambunctious, illogical, organized, intelligent, and most of all NUTS. I have found that I enjoy my roles, I do them with pride, and I know who I am either way. Kind of a interesting feeling when you get to thinking about it.

As a side note, Julia Roberts looks EXACTLY like my sister-in-law Heidi in this movie...its almost scary how much they look alike. Also, I forgot Christopher Meloni was in this movie...why is he not in more movies? Fantastic actor and fantastic to look at :).

So all in all, this morning provided real insight for me, I remembered I only like fried eggs and my favorite color will always be red. Hows that for a post?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

We would like to announce the arrival of our newest family member...

No its not Emory Reese (although that would be nice), Jake and I went and picked up our new family member Sasha. She is fire engine red and shes sleek and fast (well if a 50cc engine can go fast). She will swiftly take Jake up the hills in our neighborhood so he won't be the "sweaty kid" at school because they are pretty tough to bike up. Shes also great because parking for scooters on campus is.......FREE!!! We found her on craigslist...her owner had purchased her for his wife and the wife didn't end up using it EVER (76 miles on her in like 2 years). So they suffered the immense depreciation of the scooter and we benefited greatly. Sasha will be a great way for Jake to get to school (1.4 miles on hilly neighborhood big streets....Sasha wasn't really made for that and its slightly scary to ride her on the big streets anyways). We are so happy we found her! Welcome to the family Sasha...Sasha Forever!

Guess Who's Coming to Visit???

In less than 6 days I will be picking two very special people up from the airport...Can you tell I am EXCITED!? These two special somebodies live on the east coast, but way north of us. They have been married for 4 years!! They have a beta fish (I think its still alive) and they like to take beach walks. They were both just in the Music Man and from what I've heard their performances stole the show. (You can probably guess who it is by now). Mrs. Somebody likes to sing a song called "Hobos in the window" and where silly tap costumes and Mr. Somebody does a jig while she sings. We love these two somebodies and we cannot wait to spend a weekend with them roaming Atlanta and sitting by the pool.....(DRUMROLL please....) So who is the lucky couple?

Allan and Corinne

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Slooooow Life

So I know I am in need of a new post...BUT WHAT TO POST ABOUT? Jake won't "officially" start school until tomorrow and the baby is not here yet. Jake takes the "OATH" tomorrow but unlike the white coat ceremony for Med School...the oath is very secret and family members are not invited. I think its hilarious...he's joining the lawyer CULT! (jk). We met a few friends at the family BBQ on Wednesday night and I really think Jake is going to do very well. He seemed to make friends so easily and he had girl after girl tell him it was so cool he was going to be a Dad soon. A few people were very interested in what we were going to name the baby and as soon as he told them we are naming her Emory Reese, a bunch of the students decided that our little baby was going to be the 2011 class mascot! What a riot...we bought her a Emory Law beanie she can wear on the way home from the hospital just to make sure she knows she's the Law School sweetheart.

I have been spending my days organizing our filing cabinets and reading by the pool. I could really get used to reading for endless hours in the warm sunshine. I have also been swimming some laps at the campus pool and I have to say the baby loves it...she kicks just as much as I do. We are going to start birthing classes in a week or two and we get to go tour the hospital next Thursday (know where to go type tour). For now...thats it! We like our new ward a lot and there are some really great RS sisters for me to get to know and love.

Jake and I went to the Atlanta Temple last week and took a few pictures...we also have pictures of Jake attempting to put together Emory's swing...HA! I'll include the video as well.

Atlanta Temple

"Uh where in the heck does that go?"

"Im going to be a law student...not a rocket scientist!"

Monday, August 11, 2008

Welcome to Georgia

Hi Ya'll! I guess thats how I am supposed to greet ya'll now that I'm a southern gal. Jake and I finally made it here last week. The U*Haul broke down in Wyoming and after unloading ALL our stuff and reloading into a different truck...Jake and his mom were back on the road. They got to Georgia late Wednesday and we have been unpacking ever since. Jake's parents were AMAZING and got a lot of the hard stuff done before I got out here. Everything is starting to look really nice and we are starting to feel like we are home. Jake and I are getting used to being "sticky" and shopping at "Publix". Theres so many new things out here, but its such an adventure! Jake doesn't start school for another week so we are just enjoying spending time together and playing! We got Emory's room put together and it just makes us want her here even sooner. All in all, we are very happy and very glad we get to do this together. Enough Jibber are pics of the move from leaving Utah and how the house looks now! Love you all! We need to finish a few more things in the office and kitchen before I put pictures up.