Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday!

Today is a very special day for a very special gal in our family. Her name is Jessica Edith Kirkham and she turns 23 today! Shes a total goof, but shes totally awesome and totally our sister and we love her!

We wanted to shout out to the world that today is her birthday because we are SOOOO far away and we missed the family celebration. Jessica, we hope you have a fantastic day! We hope that you have a delicious cake with 23 trick candles that never blow out...hahaha. If we were there today, we would give you a big hug, a trip to Cold Stone, and 23 birthday spanks! hahaha. Congrats on turning 23...you are now closer to 25 than 20! (Jake wanted me to say that).

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ready Set..............................No go.

pregnancy cartoon

Sooo last night I got really excited. I hope you are wondering why I got so excited, but even if you're not wondering I'll tell ya. Yesterday I felt "weird". We did a lot of chores around the house and the whole time I just felt "weird". We washed and vacuumed the car to prep it for a carseat. We changed the air filter in our condo and I made Jake vacuum the snot out of everything. We bought DIAPERS at Target...I know right?! So needless to say, when I was getting ready to go to the Relief Society Broadcast/Dinner I felt the urge to tell Jake to keep his phone by him just in case. I wasn't the only one feeling weird anymore :).

Dinner went fine, but I was having a ton of Braxton Hicks contractions. Our stake faked the sisters out by telling us the broadcast started at 7 so that we would show up to a TWO HOUR long dinner (thinking the dinner would only be an hour). The dinner was actually lovely and really well put together...but for me and my friend Janice (both 9 months pregnant) it was a close second to torture. I spent the evening standing up, going potty, and standing some more only to remember I had to sit for another 90 minutes once the broadcast started.

So the contractions increased and my "weird" feeling increased. I was able to sit through most of the broadcast and take some really great notes. If you didn't get to attend look forward to reading Elder Deiter F. Uchtdorf's talk...fantastic! Anywho, I drove home and again just felt funny. When I got home Jake had cleaned the bathroom and the rest of the house and I was so happy I could cry! I promptly plopped my pregnant tooshie into our bed to just relax. Jake cuddled up next to me; making sure to bring his computer so that he could still feel connected to a world we had almost left....FOOTBALL. We watched the UGA game; stop...Jake watched the UGA game and I timed contractions. 3 min apart 30 seconds long and kind of hurting...2 min apart and 1 min long....REALLY hurting....1.5 minutes long and 2 min apart and OUCHY OUCHY OUCHY. But I didn't want to say anything because I was scared they would stop if I told Jake "I think its time". So I waited for an hour...STILL CONTRACTING. YES YES YES I thought. Jake finally took his face off the game and looked over to see tears streaming down my face and my hands clasped together as if stuck by superglue.

He quietly asked "you need something...you don't look so good". I answered about 30 seconds later (had to finish the current contraction) and said "ummm...I've been having real contractions for an hour...I think we need to get ready to go". Jake's face turned white but he didn't even pause the game. "Ok...do you want to wait a little longer to be sure?" Ok PAUSE....WHAT HUSBAND ASKS THAT!? hahaha. I about clocked him, but then I refrained and said "sure lets wait until they are so close that I can't make it to the car". Jake gulped "point taken". But then all of sudden they slowed down. 1 min long 4 min apart. REALLY OUCHY. 1 min long 8 min apart not so ouchy. My hopes fained and Jake did a great job of holding back the inevitable "I told you so". So with the commotion gone and the contractions getting farther and farther apart...Jake went to sleep. :)

I stayed awake for another three hours just to be safe (well ok I really was just anxious as can be). Nothing happened...just Braxton Hicks. So asleep I went. 3:30 my ligament ticks started and I remembered why I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to have this baby tonight. Oh well. So I spent 5 of the 8 possible hours for sleep...AWAKE. Bum deal
Bum deal
Bum deal.

I go to the doctor on Monday...hope he tells me something promising and exciting! Until then I think its gonna be more ready set.............no go.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Ogres are not like cake!"

"NO! LAYERS! Onions have layers. OGRES have layers. Onions have layers...you get it. We both have layers."

I came upon some information today that led me to find....THEY MADE A MUSICAL OUT OF SHREK! My all time favorite movie is going to be a musical on Broadway in December! Exciting ain't it?

"Princess, you're not that ugly. Well, all right, you are ugly; I ain't gonna lie to you. But you're only like this at night. Shrek's ugly 24/7."

Monday, September 15, 2008

"I heard ya talkin..."

Jake loves to talk...Katie loves to talk...what happens when we get together...TALKING! We spent Saturday by the pool enjoying some Vitamin D from the sun and watching cute little families and their babies...thus we got to talkin' about our little baby.

Some things that were said...

"I can't wait until she runs into our room in the morning and says 'Can I cuddle with you and mom?'" -Jake

"I wonder if she'll like swimming at the pool?"-Katie

"Do you think she'll have brown hair or blonde hair?"-Jake

"What if she hates pink and brown (the colors in her room as of late)"-Katie

"Bets on her first word...."Again" or "No"...prolly no"-Jake

"30 more days feels like forever..."-Katie

"Shes going to be just like you...I know it! Funny, silly, athletic, did I mention silly?"-Jake

"Oh heaven help me if she turns out to be just like me...truly...heaven help me, you forgot the part about me being stubborn, me being a GRUMPY sleeper, my knack for loosing things, and my inability to let some stuff go...oh heaven help me" -Katie

"chuckle...(LONG PAUSE)...I still think it would be pretty fun if she was just like you...(EVEN LONGER PAUSE)...ok maybe a little of other people mixed in there too..." -Jake

Talking seems to be the cure for our souls; a good talk makes even the longest week seem like it wasn't that long at all. Heres to five more conversations to make the next five weeks fly by. Can't wait to meet you Emory Reese!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vacay with Allan and Corinne

My brother Allan and his wife Corinne came to visit us for Memorial Day Weekend; we still have not recovered :)! We started off the trip by introducing them to South Atlanta (airport, abandoned warehouses, scary gas stations) and then took them on "scenic route" home (AKA we were completely lost coming home from the airport). Friday night, the night they got in, we gave them the grand tour of our condo, ate our favorite zucchini and chicken pasta, and put the travelers to bed.

Saturday we took them to our country club (AKA the university pool!). Allan and Jake graced us with their swan dives and squirrel jumps, but no flips...not allowed at this country club. Corinne showed off her skills on the diving board as well...what a funny little jumper she is. After the pool we made a picnic and headed off to Stone Mountain. (No its not an amusement park Allan :) We found our place on the lawn and devoured a most delicious picnic. We have come mighty fine cooks in our family! The laser show was incredibly amazing and the ending fireworks left us all giggling like children. A very good ending to a very good summer for both families! We escaped the incredible traffic because we live so close to everything and made it home in time to get to bed early.

Sunday came early but we made it to church on time! Corinne and Allan experienced our dated building, wood-backed pews and all...(they are remodeling soon). I think people in our ward thought Jake and I were the new people and not Allan and Corinne because all these random people kept saying hello to Allan and asking him to say prayers and lead music...He just has one of those familiar faces I guess. Church was followed by a MANDATORY Sunday nap. All four of us fell into unconsciousness almost as soon as we walked in the door. After naps we made Manicotti together and finished the evening off with some good Blue Collar Comedy.

Monday started awesome and ended awesomer. We enjoyed a big breakfast cooked by my hunny and then headed off to the World of Coke. I don't want to spoil the experience for anyone else in my family who is going to go to the museum when they come to visit...see pictures for a sneak peek of the adventure. We walked over to Johnny Rockets after WOC (World of Coke) and devoured hamburgers the size of your face. We laughed and we cried because we all ate way too much...we also made weird faces at each other in response to our BIZARRE waiter. A drive through Buckhead and the surrounding North Atlanta area led us home where we watched "Enchanted" and chowed on more food. That night Allan, Corinne and I went for a walk and Jake scared the crap out of all of us pretending to be a creepy stalker coming up behind us.

Tuesday Jake had to go back to school...sniff sniff...so the three of us headed down to Atlantic Station to wonder and shop. Corinne found some exquisite pieces of ON SALE clothing at Banana Republic ( I expect a fashion show here in the near future Corinne!). After AS (Atlantic Station), Jake and I took our little travelers to the MARTA. (how can you come to Atlanta and not experience the MARTA). We hugged, we kissed, I cried...and then we sent them on their way.

The weekend FLEW by and was way too short....but boy it was fun. All four of us lamented after a week back in the real world that it just wasn't the same without each other. Ahhh....we miss you guys already!


A state of inactivity resembling or suggesting sleep; unconsciousness, dormancy, hibernation, or death. Ahh, the age old problem of sleeping during the last month of pregnancy. The aforementioned synonyms for sleeping almost too perfectly describe an expectant mother's woe at 2:30 am. As the fan whirs round and round and every noise in the house becomes louder and louder, sweet thoughts of slumber seep into her head. This woman seems to be saying to herself "Im so tired, and Im going to be more tired when you get here...SLEEP BODY SLEEP!" or something along the lines of "What I want to do to this sleepy snoring weezing man next to me as he enjoys the sweet essence of sleep while I lie here counting the number of stretch marks accruing on my body". Every so often I here the whisper of my loving husband saying "I'll stay up with you darling, I know this is hard" and almost before he finishes his sentence his body has found "unconsciousness, dormancy, hibernation". So in the feebleness of the night I sing a lullaby to Mr. Sandman; begging, nay, PLEADING that he stop by my house tonight.....

In Emory's baby book I will write "for now I give up sleep, so that when you are married and pregnant with your first child you will know the love I felt for you before you were even born...."

37 more days!