Friday, October 31, 2008

My First Halloween!


You will have to excuse my posting anything other than pictures of my baby...but shes just the most amazing thing Jake and I have ever beheld. Everyday she becomes more and more aware and everyday we fall deeper and deeper in love. This morning she stayed awake for 2.5 hours!! I was in heaven. She let me take some pictures of her in her Halloween outfit...none of us could keep our hands off her shes so dang cute! Today we are going to watch "Leatherheads" and eat Halloween candy with Grandma to celebrate our baby's first Halloween. mmmmm. Enjoy.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Week One

We have almost made it through week one and everyone is doing really well. We took Emory to the doctor today to have her weighed and her bilirubin levels checked...SHE DID GREAT. She gained all her weight back that she lost in the hospital and some and her bilirubin levels are fine. She has a little bit of jaundice still, but the nurse said it will be gone in a few days. Continue to feed her and put her in the sunlight and all will be well. Emory is changing daily and becoming more and more aware. She LOVES listening to Jake read his law books; she is just mezmorized by his voice. Here are some pictures of our first week home.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Emory Reese Kirkham

We welcomed little Emory Reese Kirkham into the world on October 24, 2008 at 11:34 am. After 15 hours of hard labor and 44 min of pushing, Emory made her grand entrance into the world. She was so calm and quiet when she was first born and just kept staring at Jake while they cleaned her off. She is amazing and beautiful and we just keep staring at this precious gift we've been given. Jake said to me today"I can't take my eyes off her, its like the day we got married...I couldn't take my eyes off of you". sigh....We are a very happy little family. Her stats were 7lbs 8 oz 20 inches long. Shes perfect.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Today is the Day!

In less than 5 hours I will be headed to the hospital to deliver Emory Reese Kirkham. I cannot wait to hear her cry for the first time and see her sweet little face. There are not even words to describe all of the emotions I am feeling, but I have to say I have enjoyed preparing for her to come. I cooked all day Tuesday so that we would have come meals when we came home. I went to the mall Wednesday and just sat and watched all the mommies with their sweet sweet babies. Jake came home early yesterday so we could enjoy a final dinner together without kiddies. After dinner he gave me a blessing that my body would work well and that the Doctor would be blessed to know what to do. I could tangent here for a second and dive into my immense gratitude for the opportunity I have to recieve blessings from a worthy priesthood holder and how the priesthood has truly sheltered and blessed our home...I think just from that you get the idea. Today I have done laundry, made beds, etc. etc. just to keep busy. we go folks. Tomorrow there will most DEFINITELY be pictures of the newest member of our family.

As Jake said last night "We will no longer be just two, we will now be three. I can't wait to come home to my two favorite girls every night...bliss just bliss"

Monday, October 20, 2008


The Nie Nie dialogues have prompted me to see my husband in a whole new way. If you don't

know the Nie Nie story, you can go to here, and read all about it. But I just have to say, I love

Mr. Kirkham. Everyday I wait patiently by our kitchen window to see his fire-engine red scooter

roll up. I can't wait for him to tell me the dinner I made was delicious and to rub my feet while

eat my daily "Brown Cow Bar". Mostly, he's my buddy. Today as I left the hospital feeling

HOPEFUL about life (they are inducing me Thursday) I wondered...what if I had never met Mr.

Kirkham? I have got to be the luckiest gal in the world...I'm glad I got to marry him and NO

ONE ELSE could steal him away.

And where was I before the day

That I first saw your lovely face?

Now I see it everyday

And I know

That I am I am I am

The luckiest

What if Id been born fifty years before you

In a house on a street where you lived?

Maybe Id be outside as you passed on your bike

Would I know?

To the father of my children, my very best friend, my McDreamy, my little law student.....


Bed Hog

You would think that my monstrosity of a body would be overtaking our cozy queen size bed at this stage in the game....but in reality I share my bed with a bed hog (or should I say bear). This particular bed bear/hog radiates HEAT, talks in his sleep, snores like a bear, and sleeps in the middle of the bed. About a week ago I decided that I, the whale of the house, had had enough of this bear. I placed a pillow behind my back BETWEEN me and the bear to prevent the bear from blowing down my neck at the outset of each snore and to keep sweaty teddy (HAHAHA that punn is great) on his side of the bed. To my surmise...I woke up this morning to this. (see pictures above). What to do with a bear that loves his whale, what to do? No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to perform my flopping -six- point turns to roll over obnoxious enough to keep this bear away. These pictures just prove...this bear loves his matter how big her tooshy or how angry her spouts at night. mmmmmmm thats love.

Monday, October 13, 2008

We have everything....everything but a baby!

Jake and I got a new camera (thanks to the generosity of one of Emory's uncle) and WOW it takes great pictures. I decided to take pictures of some of the little things we have for Emory that I love...can't wait util we have a baby to put them on! wink wink nudge nudge can come out now.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

That was totally "WICKED"...

This past Wednesday Jake and I were able to have one last REALLY good date night before we are no longer just a couple. Wednesday was cold and rainy and was a really good night to go see the fantastic show "Wicked" at the Fox Theatre here in Atlanta.

I picked Jake up from school early so we could go home and have Veggie Bake and Pasta. mmmmm one of our most favorite meals. I had just gotten back from the doctor and was BUMMED because I wasn't dilated or effaced AT ALL. Needless to say, Jake let me cry through dinner as I realized it was going to be another LONG week. We both took solace in the fact that we probably wouldn't be able to have such a wonderful date night as we were about if we had a he helped me dry my tears and we ate every last bit of our delicious dinner.
We took the long way to theatre because we had some extra time and reminisced about all the good times we've had in the last 2.5 years of marriage. Our most favorite memory was being able to pack up our car in 20 minutes and drive 2 hours to play with our family in Logan. We were able to do that without even thinking twice or having to plan ahead. Those days will surely be missed.

We arrived at the theatre STILL an hour early. We walked around the theatre and enjoyed how AMAZINGLY beautiful it is and how DECEIVINGLY humongous it is. We splurged on this lavish onsie for Emory (green babies rule) and purchased our favorite candy....Sour Patch Kiddies. The ushers helped us find our seats and we just gawked at the beauty of the theatre and the set. WOW. The show started in what seemed like no time at all; Jake and I were whisked off to the Land of Oz and immediately filled with child-like glee and delight. The show was AMAZING and in the words of Jaker "totally Wicked". We loved every minute of it...even the intermission where 13 women let me cut in line for the bathroom :).

After the show, we walked slowly to our car tasting the crisp Georgia night air; what an evening together. We drove home blasting the soundtrack to Wicked and singing along at the top of our lungs. We returned home and crawled into our warm bed and fell asleep singing to each other and reminiscing about how good our marriage has been and will continue to be. We never proclaim to be experts at marriage, but we think we've at least mastered just enjoying one another...

Thanks for a great night Mr. Kirkham...I look forward to more great nights like that one. Love you darling....

Thursday, October 2, 2008

One Step at a Time...

When you can't wait any longer

But there's no end in sight

When you need to find the strength

It's the faith that makes you stronger

The only way you get there

Is one step at a time

I've always had a hard time waiting for things. It started at age 5...Christmas Eve never came soon enough and kindergarten took forever to start. It continued at age 8 because I couldn't wait to be baptized, next thing you know I couldn't wait to turn 12 and be out of Primary. Later down the road I couldn't wait to turn fourteen so I could go to church dances. The list is endless for all the things I couldn't wait for............I couldn't wait to turn 16, I thought I would never get my driver's license, I couldn't get to college fast enough, I couldn't get THROUGH college fast enough, I couldn't wait to get married (once I was engaged), I couldn't wait to move to a bigger apartment, I couldn't wait to start my new job, I couldn't wait to get pregnant (once we decided we wanted to), I couldn't wait to find out if it was a boy or a girl, I couldn't wait to move to Georgia. Every night I can't wait for Jake to get home from school so we can play...and the mammoth of all waiting, I can't wait to meet my little Emory Reese.

Are we seeing a trend here? I think this is a lesson in life I need to learn..."Good things come to those who wait". All of the wonderful things that have happened in my life came by WAITING. This world that we live in is so wrapped around "get what you want and get it now", but the things that matter most; the things that make life worth living have to be waited for. You'd think after 22 years of waiting for stuff I would realize that all this time I have spent "waiting" for things I have learned the most precious lessons and the deepest life convictions. So here is the challenge...

Stop staring at your countdown calendars and start looking for what you can do today. Be creative, be innovative, be silly, be more culinarliy minded, be more involved in politics, be a better friend, be a better swimmer, be anything but a waiter (no punn intended :) )

SOO...happy NO waiting day!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Moment of Zen: "The economy sucks"

Amid the current economic crisis and trying to figure out a solution for this mess, the U.S. treasury decided to issue a new one dollar bill.
Wonder what they are going to do with the $20 bill.....(and now you have drifted off with an image of a pile of rotting elephant dookie in your mind:) )

Creepy Nesquik Commercial Jake and I have seen this commercial a few times and everytime Jake says this...

"Hey hey come down my brown rabbit hole!"....

when the rabbit says "hey hey". Very weird commercial indeed. And then the guy jumps out of the hole all bling blinged...weird.