Sunday, November 30, 2008

Baby's first dress

Thanksgiving vacay was a blast! We stayed here in Georgia and just enjoyed some quality family time. Emory did swell for her first big outing (went to dinner at a friend's house) and Jake plowed through a good ol' southern meal. We took Emory to church today and once again she did just swimmingly. Note to people who build church chair in a mother's lounge sure don't cut it when there are over 8 women in the ward who are breastfeeding their babies. WOAH.
P.S. The pictures are out of order...but we slept in and let Emory come cuddle in our bed in the morning. We dressed her up in the striped dress for Thanksgiving and then we took her to church on Sunday in the little white dress. What a fun week.

Monday, November 24, 2008

I almost caught it!

Today I caught her smiling...
Her puppy on her bouncer got quite the look of love from this little one!

My shutter was just too slow to capture the glory of her smile....

And then she decided she was done playing...but I couldn't resist

And then she decided she was REALLY done playing...who could resist such a cry?

T-a-double-grr-ed. (thats tagged)

My bro tagged is more information about me you never even cared to know! ha.

8 TV Shows I Watch:

1. Reba

2. The Office

3. Football

4. King of Queens

5. Backyardigans (c'mon they are hilarious)

6. Colbert Report

7. The Daily Show

8. Scrubs

8 Favorite Restaurants:

1. Grape

2. P.F. Changs

3. Panera

4. Rumbis (I really miss it)

5. Arby's

6. Cold Stone (ice cream totally counts)

7. Nordstroms Cafe (I really like their salads...I consumed way too many of them when I worked at Gap)

8. Cafe Rio

8 Things that happened yesterday:

1. Fed Emory

2. Changed Emory's diaper

3. Played with Emory

4. Watched the Colts game

5. Went for a walk with Emory

6. Took a nap

7. Watched the Falcons game

8. Gave Emory a bath

8 Things I’m looking forward to:

1. Going to CA for Christmas

2. Seeing my neices, brothers, in-laws (both sides), parents, friends over the Holidays

3. Jake finishing his first semester of law school

4. 2 weeks of vacation with my hubby WITHOUT school

5. wearing my old jeans

6. Emory sleeping through the night

7. Emory laughing

8. Being able to go to church again

8 Things on my wish list:

1. An entire day with Jake and Emory without homework

2. Sleeping in with Jake

3. New boots

4. New Clogs

5. Saucer bouncer thing for Emory

6. Energy to go to the gym

7. A live in cook and maid

8. A clean house

Un Mes (ha...una mesa is "a table")

She loves having her hands by her face when she falls asleep...cherubic little thing!
We think we should enroll her in the ward Christmas nativity as baby Jesus...

She loves her binky, her bouncer, and her mama and dada!

Baby Emory is one month old and the baby I lifted out of the crib this morning is a whole lot bigger than the baby I delivered on October 24 :)! She is growing so fast that we just can't seem to keep up with her. This past week was....well....eventful. Jake and I survived Emory's first cold and also our first trips to the ER (silly newborn screening tests gone wrong). Emory survived getting her foot pricked two times and having her blood drawn from her arm; lets just say I cried more than she did. Needless to say we are all happy and healthy AND we would prefer not to go to the ER again anytime soon!

Emory just started smiling yesterday! She cracks this little grin and then has to look away because its soo hard (haha)! We just can't get enough of her. Our new favorite thing to do is to have an Emory sandwhich after her bath (video to come) where Jake and I both mum on her cheeks at the same time. She loves it. We moved up in clothing sizes (newborn stuff all ready to be packed up) and I moved down a size. success for everyone.

Lastly...Jake succumed to wearing the baby bjorn when his back started screaming from carting around our almost 11 lb bundle of joy! (picture to come...I will have to sneak one in because he refuses to let me take one of him with the beloved bjorn on!)

So abover are the only three pictures we took this week (LAME I I said it was an eventful week, but not events we wanted to remember). Still attempting to catch her smile on camera.

Upcoming events in Emory's life...first big outing on Thursday (thanksgiving dinner at Jake's friend's house) and we're going to attempt church this Sunday.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Entitlement...the core of stealing

WHY do people take whats not theirs? Why do people feel they are entitled to things they cannot afford and so they steal them? Why did somebody steal our mountain bikes?

These are all questions Jake and I asked ourselves this morning when we looked onto our screened in back porch to find our bikes GONE. I cried; Jake just stared. The material hurt was FAR less than the emotional and moral AWFULNESS of the situation. How could someone think that our property should be their property? If they can't buy it, they have to take it from someone else. Those bikes were not only our property, they held an entire summer of memories with Jake's family on them.

Those bikes were a gift from Jake's parents and both of us were devastated that they were gone. We sat there wishing we had done more to protect them and take care of them, and we also sat there wishing we could kick someone where the sun don't shine. We also worried...if someone has the guts to walk onto our porch and steal something worth quite a lot, whats to stop them from coming through our back door? Needless to say...whoever stole our bikes felt that they were entitled to them, not to mention they are total idiots because the bikes didn't even have the seats on them. I hope they didn't notice that and tried to sit down....JERKS.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sling me baby!

Today we tested out our sling and Emory loved it! We bundled her up (its like 45 degrees out and the wind is quite chilly) and went for a walk. The cutest part was that she was bundled up so tightly that every time I took a step she made the cutest grunting noise. "ugh ugh ugh" all the way home.

P.S. Thanks to Jess Perry for the sling...IT IS GOING TO BE USED a lot a lot a lot I just know it.

P.P.S look forward to a post about huggies vs pampers....spoiler alert: 7 outfits, due to side blowouts down the leg, in one day has got to be some sort of record. Needless to say we are going back to the other brand we were using before.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kiss Your Mother...

Nothing like kisses from your baby....sweet sweet sweet!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Luckiest

I listened to the Ben Folds song "The Luckiest" like 1,000,000 times my last week of pregnancy. So today Emory was just having a hard time settling herself (not crying just a little fussy) and the minute I turned on this song.......OUT LIKE A LIGHT. She loves this song....its soo cute. Ah the simple joys in life.

Three Weeks Young!

Sooo...I have decided that for the next couple of weeks I am only able to post pictures with a few words after them. Emory is so much fun that I can't pull myself away from her long enough to do my usual posting. This past week was great! My mom, Grandma Sarah,was in town and she helped me do everything! She went with me to the mall so I could purchase one pair of jeans that actually fit (it actually wasn't the most depressing thing I've ever done...I have 9 lbs left to lose and Im hoping its all gone by Christmas).
We took Emory for walks, purchased a sewing machine so I can attempt to learn to sew, did excessive amounts of laundry, and tried to fit in naps for me here and there. Jake and I did our first night completly alone last night and it went REALLY well. Emory slept like a champ and did not spit up too much. Emory's belly button fell off this week as well and we were able to give her a real bath...oh she LOVED IT! Emory is now 9lbs and still growing and just getting cuter and cuter everyday!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Week Two

We have successfully made it through week two and our bundle of joy is growing so fast. She is focusing on faces and we think she let out a little laugh the other day (probably a response to gas but a laugh none the less). Grandma Sarah has been thoroughly enjoying her time cuddling Emory and helping me change her numerous poopy diapers everyday. We went to see the pediatrician and Emory's stats were AWESOME. She is now 8lbs 6 oz and 21.5 inches long. WAY TO PACK ON THE CUTE CHUB SWEETY! So as we enjoy her littleness for just a short time longer, Jake was home Saturday morning just cuddling her to death. What would we do without you punkin?