Thursday, January 29, 2009

What the world needs now...

More pictures of Emmy grinning and less recession. Awesome. 

The average human eats 7 spiders a year

I believe this is why...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Happy Girl

Emmy was a GRUMPY baby yesterday. 

Fever of 100.4 and very very sad.

 Cuddled her all day and gave her lots of baths to cool her down.

 At 8 p.m, I said it; "Uncle! I can't take anymore crying...she is just so miserable!".

 We called the pediatrician and they said to go ahead and give her some tylenol. 

Thank goodness. 

Emmy took a bath, ate one last time, and then slept for 12 hours. 

I woke up to this face this morning. YUM

I wanted to eat her. I wanted to nibble on her toes. I wanted to kiss her chubby cheeks.

So I did. And enjoyed every minute of it. Then I let her play in her bouncer. She was happy to be back and I was happy she was back.

I love you Happy Happy Girl.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Heres the story morning glory...

So many of you have asked, and I finally have a moment to tell the story of our weekend. (Emmy won't let me put her down since we've been home from the hospital. 

 Emmy had a cold last week, stuffy nose, but really, not a big deal. Well Thursday afternoon I noticed she was choking a lot and having a REALLY hard time breathing. I continued dumping salene into her nose and sucking out the boogies, but she was still so congested. Friday she seemed to be struggling even more. Around 5:15 while waking up from her nap, I heard an AWFUL noise on the monitor. I rushed in and found Emmy not breathing, very stiff, and choking. I quickly pulled myself together and realized she was conscious. I turned her over, gave her five back blows, turned her over, etc. etc. 15 seconds later...Emmy started breathing. During this entire event Emmy's lips were blue and I felt really uneasy about the entire event. Soooo I called her pediatrician and since it was after hours I was instructed to take her to the ER. 

There began the longest weekend of my life. They admitted us fairly quickly and started running every test KNOWN TO MAN. They were having a terrible time finding her veins (7 different sticks in her arms) and ended up having to just prick her foot and squeeze out all the blood they needed (she cried for a whole hour after they finished because she was so traumatized). Next they did a chest x-ray, RSV mucous swab, and another blood smear. Needless to say by 2 am Emmy had had ENOUGH. They admitted us into the hospital for monitoring around 2:30 am and we spent the rest of the weekend in the hospital consoling our little bug. She did fairly well through the weekend and Sunday evening they let us go home. Shes on a sleep apnea monitor and Jake and I are starting to recover from the utter exhaustion that is sleeping on a couch in the hospital. 

All in all, shes fine. She spiked a fever when we got home from the hospital, but I think its just her virus moving through her system. We're not sure exactly why she choked other than she has a cold and she has MAJOR reflux. We've seen her choke before, but we've never seen her stop breathing like that. Thank goodness I had taken that CPR class and thank goodness I turned on her monitor that day. 

So there you have it. ER went to the ER. 

ER had to go to the ER

Poor little Emmy Reese had a crazy trip to the ER. The story is long, but the pictures above pretty much explain it all. She was a strong little bear, but not very happy to be there. We're glad you are home safe and sound Emmy Reese. (pics taken on my phone...terrible quality)

Homestead High School...TAG

Morgan, did you really have to make me look back? What a fun little journey down memory lane. 

1. Did you date someone in high school? yes
2. What kind of car did you drive? Red 98 Subaru Forrester (wassup)
3. Did you pass your DL test the first time? uh huh ( a little late but yes)
4. Were you a party animal? HA! nope.
5. Were you considered a flirt? To my dismay, yes.
6. Were you in band, orchestra, choir? Laugh it up...marching band, orchestra, and choir
7. Were you a nerd? Academically yes, but I pretended I was cool at brunch and lunch.
8. Were you on any varsity teams? Drill Team and Softball (but I sat on the bench mostly for Softball)
9. Did you ever get suspended or expelled? Not in high school...Junior High rather (suspended). 
10. Can you still sing your fight song? Dont know the words, but I can play it on a flute (oh please stop laughing)
11. Favorite teachers? Mr. Vosovic, Mr. Williams, Mrs. Tarkington, Mr. Tamel, Mr. Scilingo and my freshmen year spanish teacher...TOTALLY drawing a blank. 
12. Where did you sit at lunch? 9th grade: freshmen wall 10th grade: sophomore tree 11th grade: jock wall or out to lunch 12th grade: senior stage or out to lunch
13. School Mascot: Mustangs
14. School Colors: Green and White
15. Did you go to homecoming and who with? I went to lots of dances but homecoming was not one I ever attended. 
16. If you could go back would you do it again? If I could go back and just change a few specific moments yes, but do the whole thing over...SHOOT ME. 
17. What do you remember most about graduation? sad that I wasted my senior year dating a jacka$$, but happy to be moving onto something better.
18. Where did you go for senior skip day? Didn't I said...Senior year was a bust. 
19. Were you in any clubs? gee...that, I really do not remember...obviously I was not a very active member if I was a part of any clubs. 
20. Have you gained weight since then? I had a baby, what do you think? hahaha (only about 8 lbs, but yes)
21. Who was your prom date? Um, freshmen year I went to Senior prom with Ryan Rasmussen. Sophomore year I went to Senior prom with Mark MacKay. Junior year I went to Junior Prom with Scott McFarland. And senior year I went to Senior prom with Spencer Carmack. (subsequently I got left at Senior Prom....right. senior year sucked).
22. Are you planning on going to your ten year reunion? eh...sure why not.
23. Did you have a job while in high school? Golfland cashier...woot woot and part time Nanny.
24. Worst class? 12th grade Mythology. yikes. 
25. Favorite class? Anatomy and Physiology 12th grade. I ROCKED that class. 

Now you know. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Garsh Thanks!

Thanks for all of your sweet comments. I realize now that there is not enough time in life to worry. Quit your worrying and enjoy every moment you get.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

P.M.S? or just Cleanitis?

Ahh...its back. The excessive need to organize, get rid of, rearrange, restyle, re-do, and the list goes on. I woke up today with a TOTAL bee in my bonnet. Thankfully Jake was home so that I could act on this buzzy buzzy bee. He watched Emmy all day and I, you wonder, went totally and completly nuts. I cleaned out our closets, reorganized drawers, re-folded all of our clothes, moved things around, vaccumed, etc. etc. etc. As I sat down to survey my work, I felt unsatisfied with all the work I had done. The house still looked cluttered, I still had a bee in my bonnet, and the only person that was feeling success over this tornado that just came through our home was Emmy; now she had just a little more room to play. 

I pondered greatly on my life long need to DE-CLUTTER, RE-ARRANGE FURNITURE, and READJUST everything. This habit is not one that Jake really enjoys, frankly he detests this habit. His least favorite words are "hey hunny, I need your help with something". He knows very well that this means he will be helping with "something" for the rest of the day. 

So back to my pondering. WHY WHY WHY do I do this? Answer: trying to fit in with a new crowd of friends. I finally figured this out. Every time I go nuts in the house its because I just made a new friend or entered a new social circle and the anxiety of being the best, most reliable, likable, trustworthy friend brings Mr. Buzzy Buzzy Bee to my bonnet. I start evaluating every portion of my life and I go bonkers thinking "what if my new friend ever stopped by the house and saw how we really live?" or "what if they find out I'm a terrible cook and I just smile sweetly when they talk about exchanging recipes" or the most terrible "what if they just don't like me?" 

Ok this sounds a tad ridiculous. I've been making friends since I was two years old, obviously I don't suck at it because there are people who read this blog. There are people who send us Christmas cards...I'm fairly sure I have some pretty awesome friends. And yet the stress of making new friends and being the perfect friend seems almost too much. So is it really healthy to strip my home of everything and organize until my fingers fall off? It could be worse...I could sit on the couch and eat bon bons while watching Opera re-runs....or is that worse?

You decide. Tell me what you thought when you first met me. I'm hankering to know if all this worrying is really worth it. Pretty please won't you say?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What we did today

It ended like this
This was somewhere in the middle
That ended like this
Then we put the "yo girl" into it
Moved along to some other more dashing outfits
Moved to babbling and playing
Went back to dashing outfits
Ended because this face just made me want to snuggle her forever

Emmy is sooo darn fun. We started a mommy and baby Pilates class and Emmy loves it. She stares at me while im crunching and working my abs. We also met some other mommy friends and Emmy let me have lunch with them today while she took a nap in her carseat. THANK YOU EMMY...Mommy needed it. I dressed Emmy a hundred different ways today because all her clothes are so dang cute! So yes..all these photos are from today. :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Desperation Photo

Today I wouldn't let my mommy put me down
Today I wouldn't take a nap in my crib
Today I wanted snuggles to wipe away my frown
Today I didn't want to be anywhere than next to mom's rib
Today mommy got desperate looking for things to do
Tomorrow mommy has to figure out something new

Ahh...mama said there'd be days like this...

Friday, January 9, 2009

For Aunt Rachel

"Tee can't catch my smile with your camera"
"Try as you may, I'm just not going to let you take a picture of my grin"
"But I will focus in on your!"
"Then I will eat my hands...I figured them out a few weeks ago"
"Close, but no smile for you!"
My tummy time skills are "wicked"
"Really Mom? More pictures?"
"I said I was done the first time"
"My hands taste so good!"
"I'm telling you my hands are delicious!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bumbo Bumbo

Emmy and I are home safe and sound! She was quite the fantastic traveler yesterday...I know that all the people we sat next to were very grateful for this. Emmy was so excited to be home yesterday and sleep in her snugly bed, but she was so excited that every time we put her down to sleep she started smiling and consequently spit out her binky. She finally was tired enough and slept for almost 8 hours in her bed. Nice. 

Emmy got really strong over vacation and is now a champion at sitting in her bumbo chair! She looks so grown up and so smart sitting in that little chair. I am still having the darnedest time capturing her smile on camera because as soon as she sees the camera she starts focusing on the lens that sticks out. But have no fear my faithful readers...Emmy is smiling queen. She smiles every time she sees my face...makes me blush "garsh Emmy". 

As for the parents, we survived the holiday seasonal well and really enjoyed our vacation. Jake is back in school and patiently awaiting grades from last semester (he's gotten two back and the two he got were smokin'!). I am looking forward to making some mommy friends this semester and hopefully taking up running again. If anyone knows of a fantabulous jogging stroller...pass your ideas along my way. 


P.S. Emma is officially NOT her nickname. Emma was the number one female baby name for 2008. For all those who knew, Jake wanted Emma...I wanted Emmy. Since we both have very common names (and I had at least 6 Katies in my class in every grade), Emmy won. Yay!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Blessing Day

Our little angel was blessed on December 28, 2008. She was surrounded by her uncles, grandpas, and dear friends who gave her a name and a blessing. Jake gave a beautiful blessing and tears of joy were shed by many. Thank you to all those who made LONG travels to be there...Jay and Rachel you were there in spirit! We are so thankful for the gospel and for the opportunity to bring children into the world and to bless them. Emory's has such a calm and sweet spirit that has already shown itself, even just a few weeks into life. She is so loving and so caring and we just love her dearly. Enjoy the pictures!