Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sixth Pic on the New Computer= boring


This post could have been REALLY REALLY good. But my old computer still has all my old pictures. 

So the sixth picture in my sixth file was pretty recent. 

What to say about this day other than....MMMMM. It was Thanksgiving morning and Jake was home and I got to have a nice rest in bed with all my favorite people. YUM. Emmy is too curious and too busy to want to snuggle with us in the mornings. Amazing how quickly you miss those moments of "fresh baby smell and snuggles".

Love. YUM. sigh.  

Thanks Rach.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rice Cereal

Excuse my squealing...I was like "who does that" when I watched the video. hahaha.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I found out...

That Emmy is NOT going to have a sibling exactly 12 months younger than she is. THANK GOODNESS. 

We want more kids, yes.

But we didn't want another one yet.

I forgot to take my pill for a week.

No idea.

Test at home...faintly positive!



Thanks to the man upstairs for looking out for us!


We were scared. 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Last Year on V-Day

V-Day 2008 I found out this...

V-day 2009 I found out...

Monday, February 16, 2009

5 Reasons My Dad is a Federal Tax Agent

 (my dad is third from the right on the top row...see he even hides in pictures. Hes an under cover agent, I swear)

I was going over our taxes from last year and preparing to get our taxes done for this year and I realized that Im pretty sure my dad is an undercover tax agent and he works for the government. The government gives all kinds of tax dad is the SAME WAY!

1. When my husband and I bought my car from my dad I got a "Married Discount"
2. When he helped me pay for school I got a "Good Student discount"
3. When I cleaned the kitchen for my mom a few years back I got a "lifetime helper discount" (well I guess a raise)
4. When I graduated from college I got a "well educated" discount
5. Pretty sure he can't justify any flow of money to anyone with out making sure they get some kind of discount...

So maybe my dad is actually a federal tax agent going undercover as a dad. Maybe he pretends to go to work as an Engineer and really he is an undercover agent....

Who knows.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Giggly bear....

Must watch at least 45 seconds to hear what I'm talking about...she was a little tired when we did this. Usually its a full belly laugh. Yum. I love this stage.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Who Baby

This is our Who another life she was a Who that lived in Whoville.

Are European babies bigger?

This dashing little shirt was a present from Emmy's Grammy (Grammy K). 

0-3 months it says. I pulled it out today feeling sad that it probably wouldn't fit...

HA its the only shirt of Emmy's that does fit right now. (All her other clothes are 3-6 months and they look slightly reminiscent of UnderArmor)

So I ask the question...are European babies bigger or does Europe actually make baby clothes that fit babies?

ANYHOW...doesn't she look yummy in this Paris top. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Had to speak my mind....

Promised I wouldn't...but I just got to say there were 3 spots WASTED in the top 36. American Idol is a chance for amazing peeps to break into a world that doesn't let many in. American Idol is a chance for someone to change their life. I understand that image is a factor...but these 3  didn't have image or a voice. YIKES. 

Soo...can you guess which 3 erk me and which 3 I would have rather seen in the top 36? 

People I'm mad about hints: annoying, BIG JOKE, and DRAMATIC.

People I wanted hints: good singer, good singer, and good singer

Notice the difference between my hints. HMMMM.

I got my top 10 picked and I'm going to vote for them weekly. Anoop dawg!!

Charger Lost

No pics today...we lost our battery charger for our camera.

I guess I could use our old crappy thanks. 

I'm scouring the house tonight.

Come back charger...we miss you. 

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Question: "Why are you moving?"
Answer: "Bikes stolen, another break in, nasty bugs, broken heating system...we're moving 2.0 miles up the road to a beautiful place. Pics to come after we move in"
I've resigned from writing real posts....I now dub my blog "Pictures with Words". Ok? ok! All I have time for is pictures and a few words. I hope all my faithful readers are ok with that for the next little while. We are moving in 21 days, Jake is crazy busy, and Emmy is too cute for words. 

Nacho! Nacho! (Pictures con Nacho Quotes)

"Why can't we ever have like a salad or something"

"I hate all the Orphans in the whole world"

"Do you not realize that I have had diarrheas since Easters"

"In a frilly shirt and slacks?"...."These are my PJs"


"Now its my turn to be singing at the Paaarty"

"Those eggs were a LIE, they give me no Eagle Powers"

"Maybe I'm not meant for these DUTY, dead-guy DUTY..."

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Scrubber Ducky!

As Emmy's cousin would say "Her yuv da baf!"

P.S. CHLOE SUZANNE KIRKHAM IS HERE! I don't have any pictures but go and you will see her there! Congrats Jay and Rach...we love you all!

Pepper Head

Could this pepper be any bigger? I don't think so.