Monday, April 20, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009

6 months!

Emmy, Emmy, dear how did you grow so fast? Emmy Reesy (thats what we call her) is now 6 months old. She is such a unique kid ( I know, Im pretty biased). I know that Emmy and I will have a very special connection as she is my first child. She will be my protector, my helper, my buddy. She is an observer and still a very calm baby. She loves LOVES LOVES the kids I nanny and they seem to be the only little people that can make Emmy giggle her little head off. She is ENTHRALLED with tags (any toy she has she goes straight for the tag), she loves music, standing up, sitting up, lying on her back and sucking on her toes. She has taught me mountains of lessons in only 6 months. 

She did really well at the doctors office and showed off her ability to yell (this kid only babbles softly in the morning, in the afternoon she just loudly in a funny way) and her ability to roll over. She had three shots and unfortunately they had me hold her while they gave her shots. She was VERY MAD at me. It took 45 min to calm her down and she was pretty ticked at me. Thankfully after her nap she had completly forgotten and was enjoying watching her buddy Owen jump off the couch and laughing each time he did. She sleeps 12 hours at night and on a good day takes 2, 2 hour naps. She eats cereal 3 times a day and ACTUALLY likes green beans. She giggles when we feed them to her...can't figure that out. 

Thanks for being the best first baby we could ever ask for. Just make sure you told your siblings to be just as easy going, but if you didn't or they aren't going to listen, we will fall in love with them as swiftly as we did with you. We really love you to pieces. 

weight 17.1 lbs (80%)
height 27.5 in (90%)
head 17.4 in (75%)

Watch out, she'll beat you up. haha.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


WARNING: DO NOT PUT THIS IN ARMS REACH OF A BABY especially when you have.....


OTHERWISE YOU BETTER HAVE my little friend pictured below ON HAND!! "Oh crap" is what mommy said when she saw the vitamins plummeting towards the ground in slow motion. Fall in a little pool of vitaminy mess for mommy to clean up? NO! RATHER, they splashed from one end of the room to the other. Hit the wall, the carpet, the crib, the dresser, did I mention it hit ALL the carpet? CRAP. Good thing I didn't say any other of those choice words. So half naked baby played in her crib while FRANTIC mommy washed the carpet of nasty staining vitamins. CRAP. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Scroll down....three posts today!

Happy Birthday to Me!

See See Katie Kirkham turned 23!

Thanks for the best birthday weekend of my life hunny!

(sleeping in, day at the mall by myself, cake, dinner, breakfast in bed, foot rub...!!)

The Nursery of my Dreams!

Emmy is super excited about it! (her eyes are red because she coughed then smiled)

After 6 months, I have created my dream nursery. Thanks to my secret donator for the beautiful bedding that sparked this entire creation! You know who you are and THANK YOU! The only thing I forgot to take a picture of is Emmy's reading chair that her grandma sent her. Oops! I'll get that tomorrow because Emmy is in bed. Isn't it just gorgeous!?

CT we miss you!

"My this binky is good!"

Showing off her tricks to her Aunt and Uncle!
"I really like this bumbo...I promise "
Emmy lookin at her Uncle Allan...she loves him!
Saying goodbye! (this trip was just too short!)
Bye for a little while. Emmy is looking like "what are you doing?"
Movie time and some popcorn with Emmy!
Beach! Too bad it was 30 degrees!

Spring Break 2009 we went to see my awesome bro Allan and his cute wife Corinne. We were SHOCKED when we found out that direct flights from Atlanta to White Plains, NY were only 150 round trip! Jake and I didn't even have time to think before we had pressed "purchase!!" We wish so badly that we lived closer to family, but the flight was short, cheap, and easy. We dont feel so far away from our family anymore! Thanks for GOOD food, GOOD laughs, GOOD times at the mall, aquarium, and the beach, and GOOD vacation! Jake and I really needed this to keep us going for the rest of the semester. Can't wait to come back guys!

P.S. Emmy says thanks for all the baby gear you had for us!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Anniversary (early)

Before (far right of the pic is what I changed)
After (did I mention I love you!)
Dear Jacob,

I will be away from my computer on our anniversary and you will be taking here's your early Anniversary present. Here it goes (hope I don't embarrass you).

 Its almost impossible for me to write down all the things I love about you because there are so many. When we were first married, everyone used to always say to me "Wow you are really lucky to have married Jacob". At that time, I was so twitter pated and infatuated with your cute self that I didn't REALLY understand what they meant. At my young age of barely 20 I could only agree with them about this statement because I knew you were handsome, and nice, and handsome, and just the best! But over the last three years, I really started to get it. I began to understand that saying I was lucky to have you was a grave understatement.

I know that many people may read this and you always want to keep those things that are near to your heart sacred, but I just want to share a few of your most amazing stories with the world. When we decided to get married in April of 2006 you mentioned you were worried about having our anniversary and my birthday in the same month. Your dad joked "You're always going to confuse them, but at least you can just get one present at the beginning of the month and you are set". Lots of other family members joked about the same thing, but little did everybody know that your real concern was that you wouldn't be able to make each day separate and special. You were so concerned that you wouldn't be able to show your love for me the way you really wanted to if both days were so close together. Year after year you have worried about that; stop worrying hunny. Every year you go above and beyond what MANY husbands even think of doing. Presents, breakfast in bed, surprise trips to beautiful hotels, letters of love and appreciation, and the list goes on. Thanks for making me feel special twice in the month of April every year.

You are always sacrificing yourself for me and also for our new baby. Many nights you have offered to sleep next to the monitor so that I could get some peaceful sleep. One particular morning I heard you in Emmy's room helping her when she was coughing. I realized that there are many nights that you get up with her and help her that I do not know about. You never wake me, you never ask for help, you just do what needs to be done for Emmy, and in the long run for me. Emmy has been here for six months now, and you almost never miss bath time, stories, and bed time. You are her hero, and she will grow up to be a beautiful young woman and she will demand the same love and affection you have given her from her future husband. She will settle for nothing less than what you have shown her she deserves. Never forget what an impact you will have on her for the better.

I could also say you are the best do-bee I ever did know. Dishes, garbage, laundry, vacuuming, playing with baby, dusting, fixing, do it all. Your dad called a few weeks ago and he asked "What are you doing son?" You pleasantly responded "the dishes". I could tell he was laughing and I'm sure he said something like "Shes got you trained huh?". Well to all the world, I did not train Jake, his mom trained him. I have done a little fine tuning since we've been married, but Jake has always been such a good do-bee. He cooks and cleans when I'm sick or too tired or even when I just don't feel like it. None of the household chores are really his favorite and he'd rather watch a movie, but because he knows it helps me...he does it with a happy heart. Thanks do-bee.

Lastly, he is very close to his Heavenly Father and because of that our home is very blessed. Many families struggle to get pregnant and have children. Our story is probably the easiest one I have heard of many of my friends. Some have waited more than just months, they have waited years to bring a child into the world. So, this story is just meant to show that Jake's testimony and great understanding of priesthood power has blessed our family ten fold. 2007, we were having a terrible time becoming pregnant. After months of trying, Jake's dad suggested Jake give me a blessing. There in Jake's parents beautiful Logan home Jake placed his hands upon my head and blessed me with health. He blessed that my illness would subside long enough for us to bring a child into the world and that he knew we would be able to bring a child into the world.  In the middle of the blessing a bird flew into the window and made a huge THUD sound. We all joked afterwards that we thought that Jake had brought down the heavens with his powerful blessing. 7 months later we found out I was pregnant. And now over a year later we have a beautiful six month old baby. Thank you for always being worthy to bless our home and to bless me. 

There are many more WONDERFUL things about Jake, but this post would be forever long. I love you more than I thought I could ever love anyone, Jake. I really do. And as we continue to grow as a family and as the years pass I know that my love will continue to grow for you (if its even possible to love you more than I do now). 

Your present is because I know you LOVE movies, and since Emmy was born we have yet to go see ANY movies. So how does a Netflix subscription and new TV do to substitute for never seeing any movies? I hope you know that I will watch any action flick or Star Wars nonsense your heart desires because its the least I could do for the man that does everything for me. 

With all my love and devotion,

Your wife Katie. 

P.S. YOU ARE AN AMAZING LAWYER. You are rockin the socks off of law school and I am so excited for your most recent success! Keep it up baby!

Im a big kid now!

Emmy is getting so big so fast that she is quickly outgrowing her infant car seat. We decided to snag the Toddler car seat we wanted while it was on sale. Emmy looks so little in her big kid car seat. 

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sleep Eating

Poor Emmy was so tired today that her last few bites of cereal were taken in her sleep. Jake would put the spoon to her mouth and she would open and eat the bite WITH HER EYES SHUT! haha. After 3 or 4 sleep bites we decided we should just put the little munchkin in bed. Took a 2 hour nap after we snuggled her into her crib. This kid definitely takes after her parents in the doing things in her sleep department. Sleep talking and sleep walking are nothing new in our house...sleep eating on the other hand is now a new thing.