Thursday, July 16, 2009

I fell in a hole.

Tonight I went to dinner with friends.

We had a blast.

While walking backwards and saying goodbye I fell into a 2 foot UNCOVERED water main hole.

Bruised and Bloody yes. 

What was worse was that 45 people watched this klutz eat it. 

Heres to getting your ego shattered.

Thanks Taco Mac. You officially stink. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Picture Perfect

OK...I have a moral objection to posting pictures of myself or anyone else for that matter that are not visibly perfect. When I say perfect, I mean no blinking, boogers, double chins, arm fat etc etc. But today I am going to throw away all my apprehensions and post some funnies from my photo gallery.

So enjoy the Kirkham Krew in our ever so humble glory. We are rarely photgenic, you just THINK we are because I select our blog worthy photos with great care.

We were really happy here too. WTheck.

You cant see them, but she has 10 marshmellows in her cheeks. NOT!

Mother's Day. JAKE INSISTED on taking a picture. Gee thanks; I really want to show our posterity this photo (sarcasm thick enough).

First road trip. Beautimous Jake.

I won't open my eyes for that stupid flash.

Drunk Nacho baby.

One of my finer moments when Emmi was a newborn.

Sick baby. Sad mommy. No Shower. Put it all together.

I just die everytime I see this picture. Emmi we love you.

First time at church. Lovely Emmi...lovely.

I asked him to do the dishes. I wonder where our kids will get it?

Ironically we were having a really good time. Like I said...HORRIBLE picture

I pooted in CRAZY EYES form. hahaha

Emmi digging on her Elmo. This one isn't too bad

Ok...this photo came off of the camera this way! CREEPY

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Return to Me

That was a LONG blogging break. 

Last week ALL I did was SLEEP. Every time and anytime Emmi was asleep, I was asleep. I'm pretty sure it worked because I am even feeling well enough to hit the gym today. Miracle I know.

 I've been trying to come up with a creative, mind-blowing, and awesome post to make my huge come back....but its been pretty silent upstairs in the thought of house of Katie K. The only things rumbling around up there have been lost episodes (I also watched about 75 of those last week and boy that show is like crack!), budgets and bills, Jake, and Emmi. 

So unless you want a full recap of the last four seasons of LOST with a little bit of baby talk, poo diapers, and taxes mixed in....I think we'll just stick to a picture post. 


Katie K

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Lost Weekend

Jake here filling in for Katie. Here are some pics from 4th of July. We call this weekend the "LOST weekend" because we are pretty sure it didn't even happen. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 3

Im feeling pretty good today, awake enough at 6 am with not much to do so I thought I would post some pictures and stories for family and friends. I pray that the hospital part of this adventure is over this evening, but its all up to the results of my CSF. Quick summary, if its Viral Menigitis I get to go home and tough out 6 more days of this nonsense, BUT IN MY OWN BED. If its Bacterial Menigitis I stay in the hospital for 10-12 days. Either way, prognosis is great. Everything was caught early so just keep pumping me full of whatever is making me better I say.

In the last 60 some odd hours I have received:

12 steroid shots
10 bags of antibiotics
9 bags of IV fluids
21 + visits to the rest room because I have had 9 bags of IV fluids
3 shots in my belly to keep my legs from clotting
1 nasty spinal tap
16 cross word puzzles (the fill it in kind with absolutely no need for actual knowledge, just make all the words fit)
3 balloons
2 visits from the hubby
2 phone calls from my baby Emmi
numerous calls and texts from family and friends
a lot of extra time to be thankful for modern medicine, a brother-in-law who knew what to do, a mother and father-in-law who kept it cool, a mom and dad who sent balloons and love, and in-laws and immediate family and close friends who took care of Emmi, Jake, sent prayers, and talked to me on the phone while I've been in isolation.

AND MOSTLY thanks to Jake for holding down the fort at home, being mommy and daddy to Emmi, sanitizing our house from top to bottom so that we can hopefully keep Emmi from getting this, and bringing me milkshakes and clean socks. "You're the best" -Nacho

Menigitis 0
Katie 1

So until my next bout of wakefullness and boredom, ta ta!

Did I mention I have had 12 shots of steroids...Pillsberry commericals here I come!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Golden Girl 8 months

Emmi Reese is 8.5 months old! Jake and I cannot believe how fast the time went. Here are some things that we love about Emmi:

-She claps her hands when she sees Wow Wow Wubbzy and when we give her crackers
-She doesn't crawl...she rolls EVERYWHERE
- She grabs our faces in the morning and gives us big slobbery open mouth kisses
- She fake coughs when we cough
-She splashes in the bathtub and when she gets herself in the face she gasps and then makes a raspberry noise
- She LOVES electronics. When the phone rings she goes nuts because she wants to play with the phone. She sucks on remotes, old cell phones...if it has buttons she wants to suck on it.
-She sleep talks!!
-She's always babbling something
-She leans around her high chair to see Daddy when she hears the garage door open
- She sleeps 12 hours at night still :)
-She still takes 2 2.5 hour naps :)
-She freaks out when we say "you want a baba?" and starts rolling towards the kitchen so that we can make her a baba
-She loves eating graham crackers and she will only drink water from a sippy cup
-When shes done eating she starts spitting her food out (ok we don't love this, but it sure makes us laugh (after shes are done spitting because when we laugh at her she just spits more)

Emmi Reese, you're the best! Daddy and I love spending everyday with you and even when you are a stinker we can't be mad at you because you are so dang cute.