Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cheese is her middle name and so is HAM!

Emmi's personality has REALLY started to blossom. She shakes her head no ALL the time, she's really good at getting what she wants, and she makes THIS face when you take a picture of her. 

Ahhh...real parenthood has finally begun. 

Thursday, August 27, 2009

GPS...oh how I love thee.

I have lived in Georgia for one year and 3 weeks now (went by fast huh?!). Yet, I still get lost regularly. There was a nice little surprise on my doorstep a few days ago. I opened it up and inside was a TomTom GPS system. I immediately called Jake furious and said "what did you do?! was this an approved purchase? I hate gadgets... I would so much rather spend the money on something else! etc. etc."

"Fret not!" he said. "As much as I have loved the all too frequent phone calls saying 'are you by a computer because I am majorly lost', I was ready for you to have a little helper in the car". What a dear sweet husband to think of me. Long story short, I said thank you and begrudgingly plugged it into the car, all the while thinking to myself "thats like the price of 3 beautiful dresses from babyGAP ....but nonetheless, I will appease my sweet husband"

LITTLE did I know how much I NEEDED this GPS. For example. I was on my way to watch a friend's kids and she called and said "Ava has the flu, I dont want Emmi to get sick." At a moments notice I called another friend to take Emmi so that I could still go to work and help out a friend. I typed my friend's address into the GPS and at PEAK traffic time it got me to her house and back to my other's friend's house in record time. "Oh snap!" I thought. This is cool.

This morning I had to get from South Decatur to Buckhead in 25 min (a 30 min drive even without traffic). My little TomTom scooted me through backstreets and shortcuts and made sure I arrived at work only 1 min and 3 sec late. "WHATS UP!"

Sooo... Im writing this little note to say "Thanks hubster! I would have never bought this on my own and it is saving my little brain and my toosh DAILY!"

Sigh. Don't you hate it when husbands are right?!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Work Starts

No pic.

Sent Jake to school today. We had such a great summer of 24/7 together. I cried tears of joy and of sadness. Good luck hun!

Got one last day with Emmi without work.

Not looking forward to dropping her off to her nanny's tomorrow.

Love her nanny to death. She has the cutest son exactly the same age as Emmi. Just bummed it wont be me fishing stuff out of her mouth and helping her learn to stand.

Excited to start working part time.

Heres to being ok with crying when I drop her off.


Its going to be a great school year. I know it.

Life gives you lemons and you make lemonade. Sink or swim baby!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh Pickle...I forgot to post again.

Where has the time gone AGAIN. July flew by...I only posted twice! And here I am on Aug 20, 2009 noticing I have only posted once. Im realizing that time is something you never have enough of when you are a parent. When Jake and I were kid-less we didn't care if we didn't have any time. We stayed up until 3 am to make time for each other or time to wash clothes. But as the clock ticks 11 pm every night, my body comes to a screaming hault and refuses to go anymore. "SLEEP" it yells at me. And so I sleep. I wake at 7am refreshed and bright eyed to see my baby standing in her crib talking to me. I kiss her, love on her, and then realize its going to be a busy day.

So amidst all the busy days that have been, heres what the Kirkham Krew has been up to. (I will list them, in no particular order,so you don't have to read a long annoying post)

1. Emmi is crawling
2. Katie has lost 40 lbs (took 8 months) and is officially down to high school weight. YEE HAW. I say high school weight because this body ain't never gonna be that young looking again.
3. Jake has applied to 55 law firms for next summer. GO JAKE GO!
4. Emmi is eating solid food...NO BABY FOOD!!! She loves ravioli, pickles, and bananas.
5. Katie has a part time job working two mornings a week for a private pre-school
6. Jakes hair grew back :)
7. Emmi is pulling to stand
8. Emmi shakes her head "no" when she doesn't want something
9. Emmi hates anything in her hair....AKA sad mommy
10. Katie bought Emmi her first pair of walking shoes
11. Emmi is sleeping on her tummy now
12. Emmi says Da Da consistently
13. Jake and Katie still have the same callings and are HAPPY that those haven't changed
14. Emmi loves stuffed animals. She holds them, snuggles them, and then laughs.
15. Emmi is bored of all her baby toys. Thank goodness her birthday is just around the corner.
16. Jake is 25, Katie is 23, Emmi is 10 months

There you have it. I have decided to start a workout journal (blog) where I can track what I am doing. If you want to follow along/send suggestions for workouts/ tell me Im crazy/ tell me Im not crazy enough or whatever go here. There will be very little fluff, just workouts.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Emmi Lou-Whoo

Oh where oh where did the Kirkham Krew go?
Oh where oh where did we be ( hehe)?

We did be in Logan hanging with Grammy and Grampa! 
Loved every minute, even when the grill exploded, ah!

How have you been and what have you been doing? Im so behind on everything!