Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What the what?

I was browsing the Banana sale site and stumbled upon these lovelies...

All I gotta say is "can't touch this". I may be too young for the MC Hammer era, but I got older brothers and I know exactly what MC Hammer pants are when I see em. I coveted my oldest brother's pair of 'No Fear' Mc Hammer plaid jammy pants. I think I ended up cutting them off to be shorts when they finally came down the hand-me-down line and landed in my drawer.

The customer REVIEWS on these bad boys made me shutter. Are people nuts?

"It is really a great pant making u shinning, outstanding. Even, it make my legs look longer. Also, it is easy to wear any kind of blouse and suitable for any situation. I'm glad i have one."

"I love the pants! The pants are like saruel pants, very trendy! Those can be wear in any occasions because those made with shiny fabric and have flattering design! It will make you better looking if wear with high heels! The fabric is very soft and smooth to touch! My friends kept touching the pants :) I wish I could get those in another color, too (was sold out in my size…)."

"The cuts look pretty elegant...I have yet to find a top to match with it though..."

Thats right shopper number 3, there is no top on this planet that would bring the sexy back for these pants.

What the what?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Crazy Person says 'What'?

I have been running around like a crazy person, so please excuse the MAJOR lack of blogging.

Life is just busy, and its all I can do to stay on top of things. I'm pretty sure this a general trend in the blogging world right now.

In light of this, I think I'm going to start a new post called "Funny of the Day". This funny thing might be something that happened to me, a movie quote, a TV episode quote, a funny thing someone said. Anything funny to just remind me to laugh.

So here is today's "Funny of the Day".

I caught Emmi putting the toes of her idle AVA (who is 4 years old), in her mouth. I said "Emmi!" she looked at me and laughed and continued to put Ava's toes in her mouth. Emmi worships Ava, she follows her around and can't get enough of her. Apparently, its gone so far as to putting Ava's toes in her mouth. Ava is very sweet with Emmi and continued to watch her movie while Emmi kept attempting to eat her. Nice.

This is AVA

Friday, September 25, 2009


long but cute.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just Great

Emmi is going to be 1 in four weeks. How can this be?? I know every parent feels this way about their own kids, but she is just great. Yes she has her moments, but so does mommy (wink wink)

The faces she makes are great
The fact that she laughs when I laugh is great
How much she loves stuffed dogs is great
How much she LOVES looking at books is great
How chubby her belly is, is great
How red her hair is, is great!
Her chubby feet are great
Her squinty 1/2 Katie 1/2 Jake smile is great

The list goes on.

So I'm planning a little party in my head for Emmi. Any great ideas for 1 year parties? Any things that you should not do?

Tell me.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Smooth Me

Emmi LOVES her sunglasses.

In desperation to get her to stay on the changing table while I changed her, I put these cute sunglasses on her. Little did I know how much she loved them. She wore them through story time and wouldn't let me take them off of her to go to bed. She was feeling "smooth" in her sunglasses.

Love you kid!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Baby Buds

Emmi has a new bud. His name is Cedric. They see each other 4 days a week! (2 days I watch Cedric and 2 days Jill (Cedric's mommy) watches Emmi. Today they had a blast playing in these two ottomans that we have in our basement...see pics below.

Unfortunately I am learning that Emmi knows how to say no TOO well. Cedric would crawl over to where she was playing and Emmi would immediately start waving her arms like "don't come close to my toy". I spent most of the early parts of their play time removing Emmi from where she was playing and redirecting her. Poor Cedric..he'll learn to not let Emmi push him around. Hmm I wonder where she learned to be so stubborn and bull-headed....GEE!

Jake and I both have noticed that Emmi is a very strong-willed child and she needs calm and loving redirection. She took forever to crawl because she didn't want to. She took forever to roll over because she didn't want to. I think I've said it before...but this girl is on Emmi Standard Time. Jake and I have talked many times about helping Emmi channel this great skill for her benefit as she gets older. I'm all about her waving her arms and shoving any boys that come near her when shes older . :)

I'm very glad Emmi has so many little friends that she sees. She is learning how to share and be loving; which for the first child can be challenging. This will be great preparation for Nursery in April.

AND BTW....isn't this little boy the cutest thing you ever did see. Oh I want to just smoosh on him all the time.