Saturday, October 31, 2009

Baby's 2nd Halloween...the first year Jake and I actually wore costumes.

We had 10 min to make costumes. Lets just say punk rockers ended up in Jake wearing my jeans, my hair being VERY high, and a young woman asking Jake if he was supposed to be Adam Lambert. MUAH hahaha!
Emmi had a blast! But at the end we had to put out the stops to make her smile!

She was showing us her blue steel right here.

Mama and Baby trunk or treating!

"CANDY!" really she was thinking that the wrapping around the candy is the best part!

Her buddy Olivia

Her tail. I couldn't resist

Towards the end I think.

The full view. Isn't she a glorious peacock...we're biased I know.

Happy 2nd Halloween kiddo. Last year was spent watching you sleep cause you were just oh so new!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Mellow Partier

Emmi didn't like the cake...not even a little bit. But she made sure Jake got a taste!

Our family...ironically an accurate picture of our personalities. sigh.

Rachel...did I do ok on the decor?

My B-day girl just lounging in her favorite chair.

Emmi's party was a huge success thanks to Jake, Emmi, and our dear dear friends here in Atlanta. Jake helped me recover from the melt down over the "1" shaped cake being backwards and Emmi was a total mellow partier which made for an easy evening.

One of the party highlights was our "How well do you know Emmi" questionnaire.

My favorite question was:

Where did Emmi get her red hair from?
A. Jake
B. Katie
C. The Milkman
D. Who knows?

Surprisingly...we got a lot of milkman responses. Hahahaha.

Happy Birthday Emmi Dear!

*promise this is the last of the Birthday posts. PROMISE!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

1 year

(my little squirt...who'd a thunk her hair would turn out red!?)

(she IS sitting in that pumpkin)

Oct 24 at 11:34 am you made your grand entrance. Your life in the last year has been amazing to watch. You gave us a scare at the beginning, but we should've known you would be fine; you're stubborn like that. You are so unique to us and your personality has really started to shine. You are my little pumpkin head. You are my thinker, my ponderer, my LOVER bug. In the years to come I know you and I will be so very close. You are my stalwart oldest child and I can already see you being my sidekick as we venture to expand our family. Thanks for willing to be the first kiddo. I'm sure when you drew that short stick you were still so willing and happy to be the "trial and error" kid. Your dad and I HAD a parenting plan, but we soon realized how much we didn't/don't know. Heavenly Father has blessed you with so many gifts, and melting our hearts is one of them. I tripped over your gosh darn baby gate last night and you immediately crawled over to me and gave me a hug and wiped your snotty nose all over my shoulder. Thanks Pumpkin. You understand emotions so well and you love to make it all better. Never stop giving us hugs...ok?

I love you Miss Emmi Reesey. Daddy loves you.

Thank you for making us better people.




and another hug.



Friday, October 23, 2009

Grammy Cards

Emmi sat and read her cards from her Grandmas today! I got one good shot...such is life.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

For Roosker

Its birthday week (starting today and going until next Wednesday!) This was Emmi's first present.

Roosker...the present is absolutely perfect!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Faces of Emmi

Please notice her CRAZY hair. Its always crazy. Its her trademark.

Pumpkin Patch Experience

(You want me to do what??)

(I think this is where she started to crawl away)

(Sucking on her tooth here)

Thats about all I can say for Emmi's pictures from the pumpkin patch. She experienced it. She would not smile for me. Not even a little tiny Emmi grin. Maybe its all the teething, because most of the pics she is sucking furiously on her tooth. She was laughing hysterically on the car ride there because of her pal Owen, but I think the sight of so many HUGE orange things made her skeptical.

Fun fact: Owen was the first person to ever make Emmi laugh when she was a tiny baby and he still can get this girl to belly laugh.

"What would you do-oo for a....?"

I've had that Klondike jingle rolling around in my head for days. Emmi had the flu for days. Sooo...I sang "what would you do-oo for a long nap?" or "what would you do-oo for a poop-less diaper" etc. etc.

This is what we di-ii-id for the sick week.

And when sick week was over I let Emmi rock her birthday shoes. She loves them. When shes in her carseat she claps her new shoes together and says "Yay!"

Sunday, October 11, 2009


(I remain that it looks much better in person...these pics are after a long day)

Compare to this short cut I had 2 years

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I can do this. I can chop it all off and still feel young, cute, and feminine....


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chop Chop


Its that time of year again...

MY HAIR IS DRIVING ME NUTS! I have all this new hair coming in from the hair I lost when Emmi was a baby. So I have a short hair-cut underneath my long hair basically.

So vote on which hair-do would suit me the bestest. (I've already pick my fav, but I wanna hear what you have to say.)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stuck with you....Forever.....and most gladly so.

My big little brother proposed to his awesome girlfriend last night and she said.............YES!

Another sister from another mister for me to love! woot woot. So excited and proud of you two. Pretty sure I cried three times before Paul actually proposed (and I wasn't even in the same state or time zone. I was watching my clock waiting for the text that said "SHE SAID YES")

Cassie Broadbent....mmm I love the sound of it. Now all I need is to convince them to move next door to us here in Hotlanta.

Hmmm....let the scheming begin.