Monday, February 1, 2010

"Go Mama Go!"

Emmi says "Go Mama Go" alllllll day loooooong. If we get into the car before taking a stroll through our complex she mumbles through her tears "Go Mama Go". This was extremely irritating until I took some time to think about how GREAT this age actually is. Every piece of the world is utterly amazing to Emmi. A rock on the ground is pure treasure to her. The sight of an airplane makes her stand on her tippy toes and yell "MAMA!!!" in excitement as if to tell me "LOOK AT THAT!!". I decided to read my patriarchal blessing the other night and for a moment I was reminded of things I had completely forgotten. I had forgotten how I had been counseled to love the beauty of the earth and appreciate its glory. I had forgotten about all those little things I had been counseled to focus on. And then, I heard Emmi sleep talking (yes she sleep talks all the time) on the monitor;"Go.... Mama....... Go".



No way to forget with Emmi in my life.

So how to cure her desire to watch TV? Fulfill her greater desire to be outside. Problem solved.