Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Escalator; the epitome of escalation!

Cue trip to Kohls.

Emmi took a measly morning nap, it was raining, we were tired of being in the house so we ventured to Kohls. I did not take a stroller because Emmi won't sit in one anyways. Mistake #1.

I didn't bring a big enough bag to carry everything. Mistake #2.

The kids section is RIGHT next to the escalator. Mistake #3.

Went to a store with escalators. MISTAKE #4.

Are you getting the idea yet?

Emmi REALLY REALLY wanted to ride the escalators. We rode them for 10 min. I then told her we were "all done" and it was time to get some shopping done (looking for life jacket for trip to Destin and play sandals for Emmi). Emmi screamed and threw her bag of apples on the floor. First tantrum lasted 1.5 min. I did the distraction game and she got over it.

We had to walk past the escalators a little bit later and Emmi's goldfish brain went NUTS! "Mama!! Meh Meh (signing please a hundred times with vigger). Next came the "Ups!". "up, up, up, meh, meh, up, up." She wanted to go UP the DOWN escalator. I told Emmi "NO." firmly and said "hurt, hurt". She let go of my hand and ran right towards the escalator. I dropped everything I was holding and caught her in time to get her shoe stuck. I ripped her free and the tantrum ensued. She kept trying to scale out of my arms to go back. I gave her another "NO" and tried to walk away. She lied down on the floor and kicked and screamed for 8.5 min. I sat on the floor, expression-less, timing the none sense. People kept passing by and I kept from screaming at them "yes this is the product of a trained childhood development specialist!". Tantrum ended and we left.

Nothing short of wanting to punch myself, as soon as we left Emmi started whining and tantruming. I cranked the tunes in the car until she was over herself and then we had a peaceful ride home.

Lesson Learned....we can not go to Kohls without Jake to chase Emory around. Even more than that, I learned Emmi likes music by Train. nice.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

"glad you had the nerve to say hello"

How can I summarize three months of our lives quickly? Lets just say everyday I am learning that I'm glad Jake had the nerve to say hello to me 5 years ago. We're coming up on our anniversary and Emmi's 18-month "SHES GOING TO NURSERY" day. We are quickly realizing that we're so glad we collided 5 years ago. Its taking a collaborative effort between Jake and myself to figure out Emory's mixture of our personalities. She's STUBBORN, but thoughtful. She's particular, but care-free. She's serious, but a complete ham. She's smart, but sometimes not street smart (enter the face plant at the farm with blood and bruises). So together we are figuring out how to love her the way she needs to be loved. This parent thing is not as cut and dry as I thought........(enter "I told you so" from both grandmas).

So, Jake is finishing up year two of the JD in about 4.5 weeks. I am finishing up the school year at my preschool and starting a nanny job for the summer. Emory is finishing up baby talk and entering into Toddler Speech (aka we still have no idea what she is saying). Emory loves "shoes" and says "shoes" all day long. She sleeps in the new pair of crocs she got for the summer; every night. "Apple" is also code for "open" and "again". "Juice" and "shoe" are so close together that Jake was at Emory's mercy when he was NOT getting it right. Apparently she did not want shoes...she wanted juice.

Two mornings ago she peed through her diaper....we have to move to size 5. AH! I cleaned her up and put clean jammies on her and brought her into our bed to sleep for two more hours. (it was 5:30). She snuggled for all of thirty seconds and then said "WOR WARD!!". I said oh its not time for water its time to sleep. She shouted it again "WOR WARD!". Jake rolled over and said "She just said World Word". GULP! Our 18 month old knows how to tell us to turn the TV on and which show she wants. I guess its better than saying "sh*t" (but we think she already did that). sigh. 30 min a day is enough for a kid to get hooked on WORLD WORD I guess. She laughs when the little dog barks and when the duck character talks. Its actually really fun to watch it with her.

List of Words for my memories sake.

Wa Wa=Water
Waf Waf= Waffle
Wor Ward= Word World
Buh Buh=Dada
Woof Woof=Dog
Mwaw= Cat
Apple= apple, again, open
Meh Meh= please (our least favorite rendition)