Monday, August 30, 2010

Grocery Store Conversation

Today we went to the grocery store. Emory was doing such a great job helping me count the apples to put in the bag and chucking other items into the cart upon my request. Awesome grocery store buddy indeed. We were rounding the corner and going towards the check out line when someone stopped me..."I love your hair! Where do you get it cut? Oh and look how beautiful your daughter is." I smiled and took the well needed compliment. Nice to know even strangers think we don't look as bedraggled as we feel sometimes.

THEN. I put all my groceries on the conveyer and Emory is quietly playing with the buttons on the credit card machine when the clerk says to Emory "Well oh my goodness. Whats your name little girl?"

Emory looked up at the clerk and said "Emry Kirkum" with much pride. (my heart was just melting seeing her say her full name)

Clerk said "Oh girl! You must look just like your daddy because you got NONE of your mommy in you. What a damn shame"

In my head I was like "WTF!". Are you telling me I'm ugly or that my kid is ugly, or that my husband is ugly. OR that my kid looks like a boy. Really lady? REALLY!

I smiled at the clerk and said "Yes she is all her daddy. Beautiful blue eyes and all."

The clerk says "Well its just a shame she got none of you in her. Just a shame." Profusely shaking her head all the while.

Not knowing what the heck to say to this woman (who btw broke one of my eggs), I said "well I'm pregnant with our son and maybe he'll have a glimmer of his mama in him"

Clerk says "Oh maybe, but you're lost on this child"

A quick sign of the reciept and shove the cart away as fast as possible.

I heard you the first time. The nerve!

For the picture only readers...

Emory feels the need to make herself look like a car crash victim when she eats PB&J.

You are funny Emory. Very funny.

Friday, August 20, 2010


With the another baby on his way I find myself quietly longing for this....
I vividly remember how chilly it was and how I was so worried Emory was cold. In all seriousness Emory was positively roasting in the pile of blankets I wrapped around her. I remember how she smelled and I remember just pouring over her cheeks and wishing I could just mum on them all day long. I am really looking forward to snuggling my little boy. The love a mother has for her daughter is breathtaking. I want her to be strong, smart, independent, beautiful and to love every minute of life. But the love I am starting to feel for this little boy is so very very different. Hope hes a snuggler like Emory is. I really really hope so!

Name suggestions. I'm completely set but Jake and I are feeling two different names. Anything just jump out to you as a good solid Kirkham name?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thoughtful she be....

Mom sick=Word World.
We couldn't help but smile when we saw this.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Since the beginning of May I've been wanting a donut on Saturdays. Emmi has been too! Mmm see how she enjoys said Donut. Sure love this girl.

P.S. Baby #2 on his way! Valentine's Day 2011