Sunday, October 31, 2010

Grandma "Kaffi!"

October was a big month for us! We had Jake's older brother JJ living with us and then Jake's mom was able to come and visit for a week, and then a week later my parents came. I feel like we have been opening presents for Emmi all month because of all of the visitors.

Grandma Kathi slept in Emmi's closet because of lack of sleeping space, but don't you worry... Emmi was happy to find a grandma sleeping in her closet every morning. Emmi calls her "Grandma Kaffi" and she loved every bit of her. She loved the way Grandma Kaffi smelled (it really is so yummy!) and all of her curly locks. We opened presents the last night Kathi was here for Emmi's birthday and Emmi was in heaven. A zoo pass, coloring books, church quiet toys (by parent request) and the most yummy hug! Thanks Grandma Kaffi for loving our little pumpkin!

Pinkalicious Birthday!

Emory's actual birthday was on a Sunday...aka NO TIME TO CELEBRATE.

We were able to give her the day she rightfully deserved on Friday Oct 29. It was perfectly Pinkalicious in every way. Emory's grandma and grandpa came all the way from CA for the big day!

We took Emory to the zoo, took long naps, opened presents, ate pinkalicious cupcakes (homemade by her dad!) and celebrated with friends at Felinis. Emory couldn't have been happier when she went to bed that night dressed in all her birthday loot. (Pinkalicious shoes, necklaces, crown, earrings, and wand).

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ta Ta Ta Two!

Emory Reese Kirkham

We love you punkin head; with all of our hearts.

From the way you say "hipopamamus" to watching you figure out how to jump on two feet and actually get off the ground. We love the way you yell "Mom where are you?" when you can't findme and we love when you give us the best loves in the world. We just love love love you.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crying in front of your kids....

Tonight I pulled out my most favorite picture book to read to Emory. As I was reading a stream of tears started running down my face. I couldn't even read the words on the page without balling. Emory kept hugging me and turning around to see what in the world was going on. Mostly I am pregnant, but I'm also realizing how much I need the life I have.

If you want to have a good cry... read this book. Make sure to grab a box of tissues.