Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Cards for FREE

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I have used Shutterfly three years in a row for Christmas Cards, Emmi's Birth Announcement, and Picture Books. So go CHECK IT OUT!

Monday, November 1, 2010

"Fun Birthday Party!" er...Halloween Party I mean

Halloween was pretty laid back in the Kirkham House. We had a busy day getting Grandma and Grandpa home safely and then Emmi came down with a fever. We laid around trying to decide whether or not we should go to the ward Trunk or Treat. We decided to go.

Commence mammoth melt down over just the THOUGHT of wearing the Halloween costume we bought for Emmi. (I returned it to Old Navy today) We wiped her tears and hugged her close and said "what do you want to wear to the party". With a smile from ear to ear and gleaming eyes she said "Be Princess Emmi!?" Princess Emmi she was. We draped her with all of her princess birthday presents (shoes, necklaces, beautiful purple outfit, crown, and wand). She was in heaven.

We didn't stay for the actual trunk or treating because the party was running late. We let Emmi have one piece of candy on the way home and she exclaimed "Fun Birthday Party! Thanks Mom!". Exactly Emmi. We get Halloween about as much as Emmi gets Halloween.