Saturday, June 25, 2011

The other side of the Range

My sis-in-law Cassie invited us to come over to the other side of the Valley and ride horses with her dad. We couldn't resist such an offer. Emmi said the entire ride over there "Mom I am going to ride a real Maximus and we are going to play together!" She was a little disappointed that the horse's name was Nibbs and he was not white...she got over it. While all the kids took turns, they managed to find rocks to build towers with and just had a great time! There is something so magical about riding a horse out in the middle of Bothwell, UT and just feeling the freedom of the air :). Just like Uncle Nick/Grandpa Nick said "The only thing that would make it better is to have more of it". We let the kids ride in the back of the truck on the way back to Uncle Nick's house (from the stables...5 min ride). You would have thought Emmi was going to burst from sheer joy. She was smiling, laughing, giggling, and grinning from ear to ear. We drove 55 min to the other side of the Valley to ride horses and the thing that made her heart sing was riding in the back of the truck. Gotta love that kid.

Emmi playing with her cousins Tate and Finn. Nothing like some good ol dirt and rocks :)

Probably telling them they are building their rock towers incorrectly...pretty sure both boys were totally ignoring her :)

Uncle Nick/Grandpa Nick (its confusing. my brother married my husband's cousin) This cowboy knows how to double task. Before he became a bishop he would not be caught dead with a cell phone by his head.

Brothers. So sweet.

Emmi and I riding Nibbs. Emmi loved hose back riding. She even went by herself!

This city girl just  might know a thing or two about horses.

This is Arie. He is Emmi's brain buddy. They both love puzzles, thinking, and making perfect rock towers :)

Emmi told me about Arie "I want him to take me to the temple and be my marry husband". HILARIOUS

Uncle Nick perfecting our riding.

Learning how to make Nibbs turn.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

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Noah and Emmi

 Noah had just barfed on Emmi...she was NOT thrilled. Noah was exceptionally proud of his work :)
Ok I guess this little guy is ok. 

Logan Canyon

Here is another one of our adventures with Grandma and Grandpa. Uncle JJ was finishing up a rotation in Logan and he had the honor of carrying Noah on our hike. SO MUCH FUN!
 At the end of our hike. It was so fun! (btw thats JJ not Jake carrying Noah :) )

 Stopped for some dinner...which for Emmi consisted of Cheetos.
 Throwing rocks in the stream with Grandpa
A very cold and tired Noah. Nothing a little booba juice and swaddle couldn't fix :)

4 Generations of Kirkhams

Noah is the first Kirkham grandson to carry the Kirkham name. Quite a momentous occasion that we got to take this picture :).


Jake graduated from Law School on May 9! Both of our families came to represent and the whole weekend was fabulous. I am so proud of my Jakester! He worked tirelessly for three years and it sure paid off. On top of graduating from a top 20 law school, Jake managed to win 5 scholarships and awards and his name was printed in the graduation program 5 different times for his exceptional achievement. WAY TO GO!

After graudation all four us headed to Logan, UT for some R&R and to see Jake's younger brother leave on his mission. The uncertainty of our future as far as a job still loomed UNTIL we got a phone call the day we got to Logan. Jake immediately flew out to Wilmington, DE for an interview and by the next Wednesday we had an offer in our hand. I cannot tell you the wave of emotion and gratitude that rushed over me when we got the offer phone call. Jake and I immediately knelt down and thanked our Father in Heaven. Alma 22:16 had been a scripture I had relied on for the last year and then all of a sudden I realized I had been given that peace and hope all along. Our fears had been calmed and we knew that in the Lord's timing he would provide a way for us...and the way is Wilmington, DE! We head to DE in Aug to start our next adventure. We couldn't be more elated to be 45 min from Jake's brother, 3 hours from my brother Allan, and 6 hours from my brother Curtis. Yay for tender mercies!

Here are some pics. Enjoy!


The kids and I decided to stay in Logan for the rest of the Summer and let Jake study for the Georgia bar in peace :). Our first adventure with Grandma and Grandpa was to drive 13 hours (uh huh) to Phoenix, AZ and watch Jake's older brother graduate from Medical School. The kids did FABULOUSLY on the drive down and we only stopped once to get out and stretch our legs. Phoenix was just the right dose of sunshine, family, pool, and food that the doctor ordered :). I FINALLY got to meet my little niece Lucy and oh oh she is such a lover bug. Emmi was in heaven having her cousin Chloe (14 weeks younger than Emmi) to play with. The whole trip was just fabulous. We are so proud of JJ and his major accomplishment of graduating from Med School....we love you Dr. Kirkham!

 first rest stop at Glen Canyon Dam

Here are pictures. Enjoy!