Thursday, September 15, 2011

For Jake

Wednesday, September 14, 2011



 (weird picture, but my husband says I'm lame because I never post pictures with me in them)

So glad to have Rachel, JJ, Chloe and Lucy close by. Cousins are the best!

Monday, September 12, 2011

"Its the hap happiest time of the year!"

I stole the title from my friend Emily. But this was the happiest day of my life and Emory's! 


After talking about preschool for DAYS, Emory all of the sudden realized I wasn't going with her to school. Que conversation. 

Mom: "You are going to have so much fun today. They have a playground, and you get to eat lunch there, and PAINT, and do play-dough!"
Emory: "Are you going to just drop me off or something?"
Mom: "Yeah! You get to go all by yourself!"
Emory: "Are you dropping Noah off somewhere too?"
Mom: "No. He is going to come home and take a nap and help me clean the house! (trying to make coming home sound super boring)
Emory: "Oh."
Mom: "You are going to be having so much fun you won't even realize you miss me"
Emory: "Well I need to play with all the toys at preschool and make some friends, not new ones mom just different friends, and then you can come back and get me or something"
Mom: "You got it."

We walked into the building and she found her room with the red door. I turned to show her where her cubby was and like that...she was off playing. I hugged her and kissed her goodbye and she said "You can go now". punch. She's been ready for this for awhile.