Monday, October 24, 2011

"I was 2 and now I am 5!"

 Emmi has been convinced for weeks that she is actually turning 5 not 3. She told our neighbor she is turning 5, she told her teachers at school she is turning 5. When she asked if Uncle Isaac was coming to her party it all made sense. We have told her that when she turns 5 her uncle Isaac will be back from his mission. What a funny little bird she is...her thought must have been "if I just say I'm turning 5 then of course he will be back."
 Princess cupcakes made by yours truly :)

 Poor Emmi had quite the internal struggle over being Cinderella or Rapunzel at her party. Cinderella prevailed...surprisingly. 

 This was her face when I told her that Uncle Isaac was still on his mission. Funny bird.

 Uncle JJ and Noahy trying to escape the onslaught of princess-ness. 

 Cousins. Lucy and Noah are 6 months apart. 

 CUPCAKES. Neither Chloe or Emmi ate dinner because the thought of cupcakes was just too much to handle. 

 Emmi shouting for joy under her birthday sign. She exclaimed when she saw it "OH MOM THIS IS GORGEOUS!"

 Emmi could not contain herself as she opened all her presents. 

 Daddy oversaw the present chaos. He did a fabulous job showing genuine excitement over princess stuff. I can tell hes excited to buy Noah nurf guns and whoopy cushions.

 Noah was a total trooper during the whole party. At one point Princess Emmi shrieked at the thought of Noah trampling through her toys. He b-lined it in the other direction. Smart boy.

We sort of had the sleepys this morning after the party. Emmi is sure excited to be three even if her little face just said "please let me go back to bed" this morning.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blue Eyed Babes

I love these two. With all of my heart. EVEN when they get up at 6:30 am.