Monday, November 14, 2011


So my parents would always say things like...

"Cleaning toilets and picking snow melt out of the carpet at the HFAC at BYU (for $6.75/hr)teaches hard work...and reminds you to get an education"

"Working as a PT tech and having to change wound dressings and massage backs for $6 dollars an hour is probably a good reminder to finish school. 

"Scraping grease off the grills at the MTC builds character...and reminds you that education is important."

"Its good for you to work as a janitor at the local gym. Cleaning showers and picking up towels will remind you that getting an education is very important."

Well. I finished school. I got an education.

AND I clean toilets, wipe poopy bums, wipe grease off of the stove, clean showers and I pick up LOTS of towels off of the floor everyday...without pay.

I must have missed something.

(mind you I do all of this gladly...but the irony is sure funny)