Thursday, December 29, 2011

With Love from Utah

In no particular order (because I don't understand blogger anymore:) )

Our Christmas Vacation was great. The kids and I headed out to Utah for some R&R and then 9 days later Jake joined us for Christmas. After a 16 hour travel day to get back to DE we decided we need to invent teleporting. Some day. Some day. 

Christmas Day Best
Emmi is plotting something...that little clever grin is always the give away.

I think she ended up just tickling him. Sigh of relief :)

Post Church. We loved listening to Michael Ballum speak in the Quailbluff Ward. Very neat. 

Christmas morning. Noah tell us how you really feel about Emmi's dress. 

Christmas Eve Jammers! Thanks Grandma Kathi
(please explain why both my kids shove their hands in their mouth whenever we try to take a picture!?)

A little nativity joy. Emmi decided who everyone would be...Grandpa was the donkey. Um yes. 

Santa was a big hit for Emmi...except his "brown beard". Noah not so much. 

Aunt Jessica and Uncle Jeremy were sealed in the Logan temple. So exciting! ONLY MY DAUGHTER would presume to wear a crown to someone else's special day. I tell you. So we had two princesses that day.

Adorning all our FABULOUS gifts from Jake's little brother Isaac who is in Russia on a mission. 

No moment is complete without a Noah sandwich. This kid is so kissable.

Noah was not the culprit for Emmi's crying...or was he?

Happy Christmas to all! We are looking forward to a great year.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


These two would not be who they are without each other. I love that he makes her a little less crazy and she makes him a little more orderly. How perfect they are. Heavenly Father surely knew they needed to be brother and sister.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


So in love with this picture.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Life is Good

I had a few people ask me after my last post if I'm suffering from "attorney wife" syndrome (jokingly). Sometimes its crazy not seeing Jake very often, but oh life is good with these two.

My dearest friend Alli said to me right before I had Noah "You will love having two kids. Its so much better!"

She was so right. Two is so much better than one (in many aspects of my life :)

These two bring ultimate joy! I have been trying to do a better job recording all the crazy things Emmi has been saying lately. Check me out on facebook for her daily conversational hilarity. Thankful for two very different kids and so thankful they need me in two totally different ways.