Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas Tree for Jesus

I forgot to post about this back in December (oh wait I haven't actually blogged for about a year), but in an effort to better document Noah and Emory's life here we go.

I found this idea in the December "Friend" and it turned out to be so fun! Emmi and I made a paper Christmas tree and cut out 15 Christmas ornaments to place on the tree each day that we were in Delaware before Christmas (we ended up in Utah for the last 10 days and Christmas day). Everyday Emmi and I sat down together and talked about the true meaning of Christmas and the things that we knew about Jesus. She had some of the sweetest things to write about Jesus. Here  are a few...

"Mary is his mommy and she wears a hood"
"He died for me and for you and for Noah and even for Dad!"
'He was a baby in a manger and there were animals there when he came out of Mary's tummy"
"Heavenly Father loves Jesus. He is the Son of God"

What a fun tradition and Emmi STILL asks what happened to our tree for Jesus....maybe this should be a year round tradition. 

FYI: Emmi was allowed to play with my makeup the evening I took these pictures... hence the snookie-esque face. Perfect pictures are boring right?

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