Sunday, January 22, 2012

Potty Training Take Two

So back in August we tried to potty train Emmi. Epic Fail. She wasn't ready, I wasn't ready, my carpet wasn't ready! Emmi kept telling everyone that she wasn't old enough. So we decided "No kindergartener goes to school in diapers. It'll just happen"


Got home from Christmas break and Jake used his magic psychological powers to help her understand that she was grown up enough to be potty trained. The convo went something like this.

Dad: "Do you eat candy Emmi?"
Emmi: "Oh I LOVE CANDY do you have some?"
Dad: "Does Noah eat candy?"
Emmi: "NO WAY! He could choke. Hes just a little baby"
Dad: "Oh so you have to be a big kid to eat candy"
Emmi: "Uh yes!"
Dad:"Do you like watcing movies and eating popcorn!?"
Emmi: "YES!!! I want to watch CINDERELLA!'
Dad: "Does Noah watch movies and eat popcorn?"
Emmi: "No. he has to go to bed and he could choke on popcorn."
Dad: "Does Noah go poo poo and pee in the potty?"
Emmi: "NO HE WEARS DIAPERS cause he is a BAABY!"
 Dad: "You still wear diapers. I think you cant watch movies or have candy or eat popcorn anymore."


And in a matter of a week she was potty trained...EVEN AT NIGHT! She realized she was a big kid and if she wanted to keep doing all the things big kids do she had to ditch those diapers. We had a little bit of a stall when she was scared to poop on the potty...but with a little help from the diaper fairy...she got the hang of it.

See the diaper fairy comes and takes your diapers away when you poop on the potty all by yourself. She takes the diapers to little babies that need them and leaves you a FANTASTIC toy. Flavia is her name and she helps little boys and girl all over the world grow up. Shes best friends with the Binky Fairy, Doria. (This kid is all strategy and although it seems cruel to fill her head full of nonsensical fairytales and made of wishes...she gets it. and it works. Shes even asked that when Noah turns 3 she could help him poop in the potty and make sure the diaper fairy brings HIM a toy. I'm game. I'm so game)

Diaper Fairy Left This...(shes a high roller apparently)

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Lindsey said...

you just gave me a whole lot of hope! (and a lot of good ideas)